Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VNC Puts their Best Foot Forward During the Rainy Season

Shoes are probably like for me one of the things I have difficulty with. For one thing, at least here in Manila, my size is quite rare and my feet are picky since they are well, humongous. My shoe size really in the US is an 8-1/2M but for some bizarre reason I end up getting a 9 here in manila for close-toed shoes, 8 for sandals, and 10 for toe-pinching efforts like pointy boots or certain flats. I also have to choose shoes that will last me a long time without causing my wallet to throw up in gargantuous proportions (hey..... not my feet okay?). They also have to be comfortable so that I could withstand hours of work running and standing.
When I got an invitation to join an event hosted by VNC, the magical word "shoes" was enough for me to say yes since I do love shoes (next to makeup I think). VNC has intrigued me with their cute colors and designs that were surprisingly cheaper than what I expected.

It was also fate since although I had work at that same day, the location for work was just practically minutes away from the Venue. At the event, we were introduced to the Spring/Summer 2009 Collection of VNC, which takes inspiration from designers from Europe.

For Spring, we have the Ethnic Pop vibe, and with spring being a season of life and everything blooming, there were colors everywhere ranging from earthy colors to neon.

Wedge heels always give me comfort without sacrificing height, I chose wedges for myself then for casual wear as I have more heels for my shoots.

I asked about how high the shoes are and VNC's shoes are about only up to 3 inches for comfort purposes, and it would be stretched to 3-1/2 only because there's a stacked heel. Shoe size is a standard Malaysian size so I am still stuck with a size 8-9 range.
The Summer 2009 collection was more on the neutral sides of purple, maroons, black and beige. Just love the metal details on the heels above. :) I like the black one and that's one shoe that I'm eyeing on as a purchase. This also goes back to basic with blacks, whites, and metallic so I guess if you're more conservative with shoe colors, the summer collection would be for you.

The bling details make it a bit more glam. I find the red shoes cute as an ultimate pick-me-upper. :)

After the launch, I had to dash back to work but I did get my VNC vibe by purchasing my shoes the following day. I chose a low-wedge shoe with its main color being black and having a striped band for an interesting detail.
Photo by April Arevalo
And yes... I did wear them for a shoot. Hey that's just a behind-the-scenes photo! :)
Thanks to Noemi Dado for the invite extension. :)

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