Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Barbie Costume in Detail

So for those who want to know in detail how I put together my Exercise Barbie costume, here's how:

This Exercise Barbie can Gemini yes? :P

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Sassa Swimwear
Shoes: Fila
Headband and Socks: Landmark

As you can see, the original Exercise Barbie is in a full bodysuit. Obviously, I can't pole in a full bodysuit since I need my skin to grip the pole so I thought of a pole fitness adaptation but it had to be still close to the original. Thankfully, I had aquamarine blue pole shorts and sports top so I didn't have to spend much. And one of the two sneakers I owned was a happy lilac color, which sorta matched my gear. In place of leg warmers, I wore rainbow socks. I wasn't able to find a sky blue headband so I used white instead. safe. :)

For the makeup, knowing that I'll be pole-ling, I made sure that's makeup to last from warm up till cool-down. I used pastel pinks for my eyes and cheeks and finished off with cat eye style liner (using the Barbie gel liner from Stila, and I'm so glad they're still with me) and brown mascara since I had to take note that I'm blonde. Taking that into consideration, I made sure my brows were also matching to my hair so I used MUFE eyebrow corrector in 0 topped with MAC Charcoal brown on the ends and used MAC Brow Set in Sophisticated to groom my brows in place. I know Sophisticated has been phased out worldwide, so I think Girl Boy would be a good substitute in case you want to recreate this or Shu Uemura Eyebrow Manicure.

You all know that I've got dark hair by nature so how did I get to be blonde like Barbie? I didn't dye my hair but used colored hairspray! First, I styled my hair in a curly high ponytail like Barbie. Then, I sprayed my hair thoroughly first with silver spray and then misted blonde spray all over. I got the idea from a photoshoot I did weeks before. Since I got really long hair, I finished off an entire spray bottle. Hahahaha. Don't worry, it washes off easily with shampoo. I'm back to dark hair now, but I had to subject my hair to deep conditioning treatment since products can dry my hair.

Barbie isn't Barbie without bright pink lips. So I used two of my favorite MAC bright pink lipsticks: Candy Yum Yum and Hollywood Nights for an in-your-face pink and topped it with Superglass for high-shine. Come on, Exercise Barbie is an 80's Barbie so she shouldn't be afraid of color. Since My my hair is pulled back, I wouldn't have to worry about my face having gloss all over.

Like I said, Barbie is my favorite doll ever! So this look was done for love. And with that, it combined with my favorite sport too. Can I not be happier? :)

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