Friday, November 25, 2011

Petra You Awesome!

I've been raving about Petra Mahalimuyak in Facebook and Plurk for quite some time (no Twitter here because I don't have Twitter and I'm anti-social that way). I swear she's funny, she's cute, and she's talented. She turned my frown upside-down halfway through her video.

The first video I ever saw was when she did the How to Dance in a Club video. Just for the record you guys, her exaggerated Filipino accent is fake, and it's meant to humor people. Obviously, the name Petra Mahalimuyak is not her real name. Her real name is Ashley Rivera. She's a Filipina who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves entertaining people and I'm sorry she rocks at it.

One of my favorites is the makeup tutorial video, which aside from being funny shares some pretty effective techniques.

I tried to use the 15-times-with-the-kurlash technique and my lashes lifted like they were resurrected. Before you guys react that how come she didn't set her concealer with powder, it's probably because since she lives in a drier climate (Nevada is desert climate) , her skin might not need the extra step. And why no brow makeup? She's a lucky girl to have a full set of brows. When I followed it, the brows were the extra step.

Ashley AKA Petra's videos are on her YouTube Channel. She's got more of those Pinoy parodies. You know another thing about her? She poles! She's got a pole installed in her house and she had a video showing a few seconds of her on the pole complete with spins and an invert. :) Petra, you awesome. I wish we could do collabs together whether it be makeup or pole or both!

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