Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes: Polecats Manila 2012 Calendar Shoot

Last September, Polecats Manila and I had a photoshoot for a project which was a little secret until, well, last week. We shot for their 2012 calendar, which had a pretty theme which will make anyone smile: PINUP! But instead of the regular pinup photos we see, what separates this calendar from others is that the subjects also showcase their awesome pole skills and strength.

I will show you the contents in a bit.

10 dancers, one photographer, one makeup artist, and one hairstylist. It was time for a rocking photoshoot. The shoot started at 9 am and we started with hair and makeup at Kris's apartment.

I brought out the big guns here - literally. I used airbrush makeup on them. Instead of identical makeup, they each had different themes, depending on the month they represented, which was just so cute. I think my toys were just as excited too because everytime I do gigs/shoots like these, they cooperate so well. Anyway, Lorybelle Barretto, a hair and makeup artist I met online via common friends and network did hair for the shoot. It was our first time to meet personally actually. She worked fast and did all ten heads before 4 pm, even switching hairstyles.

After half had their makeup done, we proceeded to Pioneer Studios where we started doing the photoshoot. I told you about different themes right? Here's a preview of Amaya's summer theme - beach ball, shades, bandana, and all.

with matching balancing act and pointed toes. The Polecats always emphasize on pointed toes all the time, in heels or barefoot or boots and I agree it really makes everything look prettier. (Note: As I am typing this, my toes are actually pointed for practice because I have class later.)

Daemon showing the results to Amaya and AJ.

Caryn, Chot, and Myla by the couch, waiting for the group shot.

One of the prettiest shots is the Christmas themed shoot. I love the white outfits on them with the matching Santa hats. Usually, I use a yellowy red on them but for this shoot, I used a different wine red, to make everything deeper, but still keeping with the festive red theme. Subtle smoky eyes because I want it to be pretty and festive. During the entire shoot, it was drizzly or rainy outside, but we all didn't feel it. We were having fun working and picture-taking.

The Polecats Manila 2012 calendar is already available at Gen Studios Ortigas for Php350. Here are some more shots to convince you to get one:

Mara as a witch for October. She had crimped hair and green smoky eyes and hot pink lips here, I took inspiration from Bewitched and Barbie dolls. After crimping her hair, Lorybelle curled her hair into soft curls for the next photoshoots.

I asked Lorybelle to put Kayleen's hair in a high ponytail, just like the Cheerios in Glee. Sweet pinks were used on Kayleen here for makeup. I asked her if she could sign also my calendar. Heehee. Fan mode!

I won't post more pictures because that means you have to get a calendar to see all the photos yourself. And probably, this could also convince you to try out pole fitness. :) Currently, my calendar is in my workstation here at home, by the living room. When time comes that it's 2012 and I get to use the calendar, friends who come over might see it and ask me, "Who are those in the calendar?" I would reply, "They are the Polecats, they are my teachers in pole dancing and they are awesome!"

credits for the calendar shoot:
  • Polecats Manila
  • photographer: Daemon Becker
  • makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry
  • hair: Lorybelle Barretto
  • location: Pioneer Studios

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