Monday, November 28, 2011

Cranberry, Vanilla, and Ginger for the Home

The Body Shop not only takes care of our bodies and make sure that our skin's soft, glowing, and smelling so good with our faces primped, prepped, and smoldering, but it takes care of the home and make sure that the home smells just as yummy, with their collection of home fragrances like fragrance oils, candles, reed diffusers, hand wash, and body, room, and linen spritzes.

Last year, The Body Shop's three yummy holiday scents: Cranberry Joy, Spiced Vanilla, and Jolly Orange sent Christmas as early as November to me. The Cranberry Joy scented candle, I was surprised at how the candle didn't smell too waxy. I used it early this year and light it up occasionally whenever I want to waft off the smell of cooked food and I'm surprised that even after a year, it still smells super yummy, like cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, for this year, Cranberry and Vanilla remained but Jolly Orange had to step aside. It did make way for a yummy scent, which I fell in love with I'd go for hoarding sprees when the TF hits more. This new scent is Candied Ginger.

Candied Ginger is an uplifting and energising scent. Ginger is known for its therapeutic qualities (like healing sore throat or muscle pain) with its warmth that helps soothe and relieve swelling. Now just when you think, "So will my room smell like luya on tinola?" it won't I promise. The combination of sweet and spicy notes will remind you of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. When I smelled the body scrub (which is super creamy and lush on the skin you won't realize it's sloughing dead skin off you), I was reminded of cake batter, in fact instead of salabat.

As I rave about Candied Ginger, I'm so happy I went home with two of these Candied Ginger treats - Fragrance Oil and Hand wash. You can use the hand wash in your powder room or in the kitchen sink after an entire afternoon cooking up Christmas dinner and you want to greet your guests without letting them smell the chopped garlic or onion from your hands.

The fragrance oil is my super-affordable (only Php 495) and super-sulit (a few drops is all I need) companion if I want an energizing boost when I'm sniffly or tired or if I want the house to smell like a house instead of the dinner I cooked.

I got this oil burner as a giveaway from one of the weddings I did this year. What I do is light the tea candle, put some water on the bin and a few (four will do) drops of candied ginger fragrance oil and relax. I always remember to put out the candle of course, if the oil burner is starting to dry and empty out.

For a safer alternative if you want to just drift off and sleep and not worry about putting out a candle, the reed diffuser is a good alternative. I have here with me Cranberry Joy, which I bet will smell as sweet and fresh as the candle I used.
Reed diffusers (this one costs Php 2,095) work very simple. You open the bottle, remove the cork of course, and then you place the sticks inside the bottle and capillary action will do the rest. the setup is pretty enough as a display. To be extra-safe, put it in a place where kids or pets won't knock over it or reach it to avoid any accidents. I was advised to set this up before I leave for a trip so when I come home, the house doesn't have that musty dead air smell. And since I don't have to light anything with a match or candle, it's just great to be left alone until the scent wears off (which would probably be a month or so).

Just like all holiday collections, yummies like these are only available at a very limited time so best to catch them at The Body Shop Stores while you can.

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