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Getting started with makeup doesn't mean that you need to have a fine arts degree or go straight to makeup school from day 1. When I was invited in UP for the Bio Alumni Forum, it was kind of weird to have someone who graduated from the program talk about a very different career option involving the other side of the brain. However, if you think about it (and just as cool), I'm not alone.

There are famous people in the fashion industry who were science graduates. Another fact about it? They're world famous and they rock. Since i have no pictures of them, I'll be borrowing some of their pictures from other sites, with credits of course!

Jay Manuel

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I don't think there's not one person who loves makeup and fashion, whether it be a photographer, model, makeup artist, or stylist who hasn't watched or heard of America's Next Top Model. So we all recognize this guy. Jay Manuel is the director of the photoshoots in the showm with extensive knowledge of the craft having been a makeup artist/fashion photographer/model. Currently, he's the host and lead judge of the Canadian franchise of the show, Canada's Next Top Model.

Before his presence became known in the fashion industry, Jay was then a pre-med student in Toronto. He also worked at the Metropolitan Opera before becoming a full-time makeup artist. Some of the famous faces that became his canvases are Tyra Banks, Iman, and Naomi Campbell.

Lesley Mobo

Before being a designer for the British brand Jasmine de Milo and making waves internationally, Lesley Mobo was once a BS Biology major training to be a scientist. He was offered a scholarship from a very prestigious medical school but he turned it down and followed his heart - he pursued a career in fashion design. I guess much of his work and accomplishments are known to most of us, from his collaboration with Diesel up to his collaboration with the local clothing line Bench. And yes, Lesley Mobo is a Filipino.

Mally Roncal
Another Filipino artist that makes us makeup artists proud is Mally Roncal. Mally Roncal once wanted to follow her parent's footsteps on becoming a doctor initially pursuing a pre-med course. Despite the intense training, she never let go of her love for makeup. At present, Mally has done makeup for Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, and Celine Dion to name a few. She also has her own makeup line, which is being sold at QVC. To add another feather in her cap, she's a mom of two beautiful twin baby girls. I'm sure these girls are super lucky to have a mommy like Mally!

Mally is known for the "Mally Roncal's Fast Face", which shows that you don't need an entire hour to do makeup. Now there's absolutely no excuse not to look your best.

I'm sure the bigwigs in the industry have day jobs or education that's far from what they do now. The important thing though, is that they love what they do and they rock at it. Hopefully, these people can inspire us and fuel the fire once more. You know why I know? Because they got me inspired.

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