Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bridal Work: Dea

Last October, Wacks and I trooped over to chilly and foggy Tagaytay to primp and prettify Dea, our bride for October. From Fort, we met up at Sucat and then proceeded to Tagaytay. We were there early. Yay! Although I think we did wake up the entire venue. Hahaha. But nevertheless, although it was a pretty drizzly day, nothing's going to ruin Dea's big day, right? She in fact, greeted this day with a smile. It's her wedding day after all.

Dea's been following my blog for quite some time. That's how she found me, by the way. She's also a makeup artist too and she knew exactly what look she wanted down to the products to use. For her bridal look, she wanted to have a bridal version of her trademark look - red lips with the hair pulled back in a neat bun. During our trial, she said to go smoky (although in this case bridal smoky) but after being inspired by a celebrity's look in a magazine, she wanted simple eyes, defined brows, and red lips. I love it! I asked her quite a number of times if she really wanted red lips, as it was a very bold choice. It was a yes for her, and I was happy to oblige. Red lips are awesome!

For her makeup, it was fun and easy. Dea and I knew what products to use. MAC Mineralize Foundation in NC35 check! Russian Red lipstick (both our favorite) Check! Girl/Boy Brow Set Check! And Urban Decay Naked Palette. Dea has this and omigosh, it's just so pretty! It's got pretty pigmented eyeshadows that are perfect for the neutral eye. Although it was going to be a bare, almost nude eye, it still needed a bit of depth since we have to consider pictures, so I did a bit of "cheat" contouring so her eyes do not get washed out in photos or videos, but it still looks natural.

Dea before makeup.

Since Dea was getting married in Caleruega, she opted for a simple white dress, and since Caleruega is a small chapel, she skipped the veil (with permission from the priest) and had vines pinned to her hair like so, in a pretty ensaymada bun.

Although her hair was pulled back, Wacks didn't make it super school marm tight that it hurts. There's still a bit of softness, but it's got the neat quality Dea wanted.

Although Dea entrusted me to do her makeup, when it came to her mom, she played her makeup artist role by doing her makeup. So our pretty bride while waiting for her hair to set whipped out her brushes and tools too. I love it!

Dea's sister was the maid of honor and her sister-in-law one of the secondary sponsors. In contrast to the strong lips-neutral eyes Dea had, I gave the girls smoky eyes.

Everyone is a pretty girl that day, yes?

One more shot before changing. Now wear the pretty dress and...

Tadaaaaa!!!!! I took these photos from my camera as Dea was getting her portraits done. I really love the no-veil part, because with a look as pretty as that, why hide it, right?

This picture is a very classic Grace Kelly-ish look. I can't wait for the official photos from Mimi & Karl.

Her bouquet of lilac roses is the absolute cutest ever!

After the preps, I met a cute little kitty too. I think it was our lucky kitty because it was such a happy and pretty day, who cares about the drizzlies?

I really know that her wedding won't be the last time I'll see her, because I'm pretty sure I'll bump into her in work.

Bride: Dea Macachor-Mesa
Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry using traditional method
Hair: Wacks Joaquin
Location: Tagaytay
*photos all from my personal camera

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