Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Lash Hauls from Mang Ed

Love them for opening up the eyes or hating them for giving the lids a workout, false lashes have been a staple in my kits, shoots, weddings, and other gigs. It does take an extra ten minutes or so to put on, a bit more for tricky eyes but the effects are fabulous. I have lashes in different lengths and materials... rainbow, natural, glam, everything, since I don't know what I need.

Lash staples are of course, the natural falsies that we use for bridal. Not only are they cheap, but they're entry-level length and thickness similar to lash extensions for a low-commitment lash length should mascara not be enough. When our usual source of falsies increased its rate to 10 pesos more expensive, the search for more affordable lashes came to be.

Thanks to Mikee and Rza, I was introduced to Mang Ed when I was complaining at where to get natural-looking falsies at a cheaper price. It's now my third time to buy lashes from Mang Ed and I wanted to share them to all of you. Mang Ed has been supplying lashes to freelance makeup artists, makeup students, makeup addicts, clubs, showgirls, and even celebrities. He told me that Iya Villania gets her lashes from him.

Yesterday while waiting for Rza, I was talking to Mang Ed after purchasing lashes and he allowed me to photograph his products. He's actually very friendly and coordinating with him is a breeze. He's never late, never misses appointments, and would always answer text messages.

This is Mang Ed's bagful of lashes! Sometimes on a good day with lots of customers, that bag comes home empty.

Here are the usual lashes for bridals and beauty editorials.

Medium thickness for those who want extra oomph. These are Rza's favorites.

Ultra-thick and ultra-long for avante garde shots.

They are actually human hair lashes. His wife makes them and he delivers them to his clients. It's a husband-and-wife team of business. He even showed me a picture on his cellphone of him and his children. He actually has a son who's a lawyer, who finished his studies just right in time.

His lashes are actually very affordable. You buy them in bulk. A bundle of 1 dozen lashes costs Php 200 bucks, so that's roughly Php 17.00 per pair. The medium thickness ones cost Php 300 for 12 pairs of course and the extra long ones are Php 100 a pair. Aside from delivering the lashes and meeting up with clients, Mang Ed also takes part on production by making the boxes as well.
Applying the lashes are actually quite easy. I like that they're very easy to handle and they mold in well to the eye shape. I use DUO lash glue to apply falsies and adjust with tweezers. Are they heavy? If you're not used to wearing falsies, they could take quite some time getting used to. If you're used to wearing falsies, they're okay. I just cut off the edges since I find it more comfortable that way.

My own lash haul. See how long the avante garde ones now. Mang Ed tells me the ultra-long falsies are the ones used by drag queens doing shows. But with the right concept, they could be very fasyon too.

Actually, we're planning a meetup soon for makeup artists who want to purchase lashes, so holler up if you're interested to purchase a bundle. He usually does meetups for a minimum of 5 dozen orders.


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

i am no makeup artist but i love falsies. Im interested and would love to buy a few dozens.

Would love to hear from you. Thanks


jillsabs said...

Oh my, I'm officially in love with Mang Ed now:p

Can I make pabili too? I've been meaning to buy false eyelashes (like what you used on me for my wedding) but honestly don't know where to get them.

Anonymous said...

hello! ok lang kaya sa kanya if i get his number too? thank you!

Bambi said...

wow! andami fans ni mang ed! :) i'll email you girls his number rin. or you want sabay-sabay tayo mag-order para 5 dozen minimum sya? ill holler up when I'll buy lashes so we could all place an order. would love to meet you girls as well. coordinate tayo!

Bambi said...

@anonymous: email me so i could give you his number. :)

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

can I also get Mang Ed's number? Thanks! :)


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

got your email.. thanks for giving me Mang Ed's number.

Super thanks! :)


Tani said...

Hi ms. Bambi. I follow your blog. Great info ü i love wearing false
lashes when i go out. Is it ok if u share mang ed's number?
Thank u so much in advance ü my email ad is

Bambi said...

mang ed's number 09206209881