Thursday, November 17, 2011

Product Review: Avon Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner

I know a handful of female friends who will cry, die, or go into a state of distress without eyeliner. Whether it be gel, pencil, or liquid, it seems to be a makeup must-have. It's easy and quick to apply and it doesn't require much tools - just a steady hand, depending on the formula you choose.

In my case, eyeliners of every shape and formula have made its way both in my work and home makeup cases. As the Mexican telenovela actress Thalia wrote in her book, "nothing makes the eye pop like eyeliner". Between whipping out primer, shadow, and brushes versus a pencil of smudge-proof eyeliner, I'd pick the latter when I have only a few minutes before I head out the door. Pencil eyeliners are great if I want just definition and to make my eyes look more, well alive in photos. If I want the screen siren look like Angelina Jolie's cat eyes on the red carpet, then it'so onto the gel or liquid liners I go.

Liquid liner creates a very intense defined eye, but I admit, it takes some skill to master a perfect line. It took me quite a while to finally "adjust" to working with it (I salute those girls who could apply it on the eye on a moving vehicle or with low light). Kevyn Aucoin even finished an entire bottle of it. But just like in dance, it's like a warm-up - it's something that I need to master. Think of it as challenge na lang.

Avon sent me their Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner to try. So far, within weeks of using it, I found myself using this quite often. Not only is it tiny enough to fit a teensy kikay kit, it's pretty easy to use as well.

It's a fairly tiny bottle containing only 2.5 mL of the product. I like that it contains only little amount. If you use this quite often, you'll use up most of the products before it even dries up. Yay! It's such a steal too at Php250, if you're don't want to spend too much on a little bottle of eye makeup.

Big horray on the applicator tip: it's pen-type! The usual brush-tip liners somehow get me oh-so fidgety. This one gives me better control.

This intense liquid color is said to glide over lids without smudging or fading. The one I have with me right now is named Shimmering Black. As you can see in the swatch, it looks black on camera, obviously since it's black. Looking closely though, there are some shimmery particles. It's not exactly like chunks of glitter but they're super fine, the swatch comes out as almost a gunmetal gray mixed with black. In fact, if you swipe your finger while it's still kind of wet and not set yet, you'd see some silvery shimmer particles too.

Like any liquid liner, yes, you have to wait for a bit to let it dry completely. Otherwise, that precise definition will turn into an utter mess. So do wait for it to dry completely. It does dry quite fast once applied, and the line doesn't look like an embossed line or crust, but more drawn once it sets in. you see the sparkle more when it dries too.

The color doesn't smudge or fade. I'm actually rubbing my thumb on the (completely dried) swatch and the line won't come off or budge. Yay! So this one can last from morning coffee to after-work dinner. With regards to waterproof ability, I put my hand on running water and the swatch came out completely with quick rubbing, as if no makeup was placed on my hand ever. Does that mean that since it's not waterproof it's not good? No. We can use makeup that's not waterproof during the days when we don't need waterproofing our makeup, say if it's just an ordinary day at the mall or if we're seeing friends. Our eyes need rest from waterproof makeup once in a while (imagine going through the hassle of removing waterproof makeup everyday). The effect on its own is super pretty!

In the line of work, I'd use this for photoshoots where makeup can be removed right after and it's pretty much okay. Personally, I'd use this more as part of my personal stash, when I need to take a breather from waterproof makeup.

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