Monday, November 21, 2011

Libertine: White Musk, but Girlier.

White Musk is one of The Body Shop's iconic and epic fragrances. It's still in stands as of today, as other fragrances go on and off their shelves. Clean but musky (that's why it's called white musk), light with a bit of spice, you can share this with your man, since it's a unisex scent, and it won't look so girly too, in case he brings it in his travelling bag. This new White Musk though, is for us ladies, and I think the pink pretty bottle is already a giveaway.
Save for the pretty pink bottle, White Musk Libertine body mist still retains the usual clean, woody muskiness of the usual white musk. Yet it's made sweeter with notes of Turkish Delight (yumm!), baby orchid, and Chantilly cream. In comparison with the original White Musk, Libertine is much more floral, a bit warmer and more romantic.

Since musk fragrances are warmer and headier than fruity fragrances, I like wearing it as a light mist on me. Muskier fragrances are great that the weather's starting to get colder as well and they won't be as overpowering as it is when the temperature's higher.

White Musk Libertine is available as eau de parfum ( Php 1,595), body lotion (Php 995), body mist (Php 995, it's the one pictured above), body wash (Php 750), and eau de toilette (Php1695 for 60 mL and Php 1,095 for 30 mL). The Body Shop also offers White Musk Libertine sets, which are perfect gifts for girls who you know who are fans of the original iconic White Musk set.

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