Friday, February 3, 2012

Timeless Elegance From Avon Fashions Jewelry and Contest too!

Avon doesn't only have makeup, skin, and body stuff, they also have accessories! Ain't it grand? It's like a (very affordable) one-stop shop for all your kikay needs. Their new collection is all about daintiness and elegance, veering away from chunkiness and all that dangles.

Knotted Collection

Incorporating a trendy knot design and illusion stones, which add a sophisticated dimension and sparkle. Being silver, it's great for simple everyday wear, you can wear the entire set (ring, earrings, necklace) without overpowering your entire look.

The earrings aren't too flashy but they pop right there. :)

Did you know the ring's adjustable? It could fit size 5.5 to 7.5.

Floral CZ Marquise Collection

If you want a bit more flair and elegance, maybe gold might be suitable with a flowery detail. This is a gold-plated collection with cubic zirconium crystals that really looks very pretty to wear during a wedding where accessories add sparkle to a pretty dress, whether you're the bride or just a guest, at a fraction of the real thing's price. Let's face it, who would know?

I have man hands but rings like these made me a girl in a slide and stride.

It's not a tiara, that's a pretty bangle!

I'm feeling generous today and with Valentine's coming up, I'm sure many of you girls have something special to go to, and a few pieces of these ought to add a touch of simple glam to your style. Anyway, I'm giving away some pieces as a gift, to two very lucky winners of another raffle. From my past contests, I've decided to simplify contest mechanics and not make them too complicated. So, here are the prizes.

The first winner gets these items from the Floral CZ Marquise Collection:
That's a bangle, ring, and necklace. By the way, it would also look nice on prom and grad ball.

Second winner would receive the necklace and ring from the Knotted Collection.

Third winner would receive Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand and Body Lotion and Body Wash.

Now what do you have to do to receive these? All you have to do is go to the comments section and post a comment answering this question: "How do you want to spend Valentine's Day this year?" Be sure to include your full name on the entry as well!

The contest will run up until Monday night. I'll announce winners Tuesday morning in that way I can ship the items and have enough allowance so the winners will be able to use them on their Valentine's day dates. :) The contest is open to Philippine residents living in Metro Manila and other greater Manila areas (Cavite, Laguna, etc) for shipping purposes.

So now let the comments commence!


khris said...

hi!! :) okay how do i wanna spend my valentines day?... well its simple! by poledancing!^^ since well im single and i pole dance.. why not go pole dancing on valentimes day! my pole is my date! after pole i'll spend it with my family. whats valentines day when u cant spend it with people you love!

-khristina Ladrera ^^

Sarah Curativo said...

i just want to spend valentines day on a dinner at home, not just with my bf but with everyone i love (family and friends).. work's kinda hectic and i need a break. it's so sad when love day falls on a weekday.

- Sarah Curativo

boJtreblA said...

Well I can't think of any other way to spend Valentines day then by lying on my plush sofa, stuffing myself with a tub full of haagen-dazs watching "THE VOW" starring Channing Tatum while wearing my TIMELESS ELEGANCE AVON FASHION JEWELRY. Diamonds are certainly a gay girls bestfriend.


dab said...

where can i buy Floral CZ Marquise Collection ring?