Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Lookbook #1: Kimber from Jem and The Holograms

Happy Halloween beautifuls! Halloween has got to be my ever-so favorite holiday. In fact, it tops Christmas in my list. Why? Well, it's the only day of the year where it's perfectly okay to play dress-up and be your crazy self wherever.

Even though the long break is over, I still keep my Halloween fun spirit by playing dress-up. For my Halloween Lookbook, I donned a red wig and did 80's style punk makeup and did a mish-mash version of one of the characters from my favorite cartoon series, Jem and The Holograms, and as a refresher, here's a video of the intro:

For those who don't know Jem and The Holograms, it's a cartoon from the 1980's about an all-girl rock band group called Jem and The Holograms. Jem is the lead singer and she's got her iconic pink hair and hot pink earrings, that hold secret to her true identity - she's actually Jerrica Benton, owner of Starlight Music and Jem is her alter-ego. The girl I portrayed is Kimber, Jerrica's younger sister, the one with bright red hair.

I'm glad there are photos and videos online of her so I was able to study her look closely and transform the cartoon look into 3d, person-version.

I made it me by using a red bob wig (as also, that's what I have in handy), adding eyeliner, and donning a black blazer instead of white. I guess that's how Kimber looks now twenty years later: new chic style, but the punk girl remains - pink eyeshadow and blue eyebrows and all.

Yes, Kimber's got bright blue brows! And I did too! I used bright blue non-smudgy pencil and topped it with bright blue matte shadow. The shadow shape was done with MAC chromagraphic pencil NC30 to "map" out the shape before filling it in with Fresco Rose Paint Pot then topping that with bright pink eyeshadow. Alternatively, You can use white or any flesh-colored lip or eye pencil to draw it as chromagraphic pencils only come as limited edition pieces but I suggest not to skip the paint pot, as that makes the shadow color melt- and crease-proof. I used a mixture of purple and black to contour the crease and line the eye so it pops out so my eyes don't look washed out. I skipped falsies as I did this almost midnight and I was too tired for the extra step.

The lips and cheeks were easiest. I lined my lips with candy pink lip liner and topped it with MAC lipstick in All Styled Up and Dazzleglass for glittery lips (she's a rockstar, so it's okay to be outrageous, besides, wasn't it Jem who sang "Truly Outrageous, Fashion, and Fame, when you're a Jem girl you're never the same"?). The blush is definitely hot pink or a sweet raspberry color applied at an angle just like how they used to do it in the 80's, but since it's 2010, I made it more blended, in case you still want to look pretty after-party.

If you're wearing this to a Halloween party and you want to move to an after-party place, all you have to do is shake off the wig and let the hair down. Since it's Halloween, you can rock the punk makeup. To stuff my hair in the wig, I braid it into pigtails and weave it and strategically place and pin it on my head so it's flat so my hair doesn't bunch up. I don't have a head stocking here though, but it's better so the hair's hammered down and no dark hair shows through the bright red.

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