Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Loving Covergirl's Liquiline Blast

Are you the type of person who spends a huge chunk of money on eyeliner? I'll raise my hand on that too, especially waterproof ones. Waterproof eyeliner (that includes waterproof eye makeup too) is a wedding makeup artist's best friend. Why? Because you'll never know who'll be crying that day, even if the bride claims that she's the most bato person ever. So when I know I'll be doing a wedding, whether it's makeup for the entourage or a guest, I wield waterproof eye makeup. And I never skip eyeliner, which defines eyes for that come-hither stare with matching "I do" (naks!).

I'm the type of girl though that always constantly looks for value for money, especially on eyeliner for everyday use or for show. In some days, we hafta save money. Thankfully, Covergirl has a new liner called liquiline blast, that costs almost half of what I usually spend for with the same waterproof ability. So I can save my luxury brands for special occasions and this for everyday (agree with me eyeliner-savvy ladies?)

Covergirl lashline blast is available in six different shades. The fun plum, blue, green, and silver-gray can be used for occasions when you want a pop of color on the eye to go with a candy-colored lipstick (Try the green one with a hot pink lipstick, Like Covergirl Lipperfection in fairytale or NARS Schiap). Thankfully, they have shades in black and brown. I chose a classic, full-on matte black for my purchase. It costs only Php450, and since it's super pigmented (I'll show you the swatch) this ought to last long. On the other end of the pencil is a smudger tip, which can be used to blend in the shadow for a smoky effect.

Swatching it, it's very intense, almost like a liquid liner. It glides on smoothly without the annoyingly uncomfortable tug on the eyes, so we're protected from the damage of wrinkles somewhat. Great for tightlining or drawing an Angelina Jolie cat eye look.

So comparing it with gel liner and regular pencil eyeliner, You could see that had I not shown which is which, it looks almost as intense as gel liner. But can it withstand tests? Let's see.

Rub Test:

First up, we have our three swatches here, right? So I rubbed the swatches with my thumb, a bit lightly at first, like brushing a finger on the lid or dabbing a tissue. Then, I tried rubbing it vigorously, like "My eyes are itchy!!!!!" level (until I realize that I'm wearing eyeliner). Compare the "after" swatches:

The gel eyeliner and Covergirl Liquiline intensities remained but our regular pencil liner faded even by slight rubbing. Don't trash the regular one, guys! You can still use this on days when our eyes need rest from waterproof makeup or for shoots where there's no water pouring involved.

Workout test:

I wore eyeliner and did two hours of pole at home. Since I do makeup on my teachers on some gigs, I have to make sure that their eyes are still sultry-smoky past dance numbers and stage lights.

So eyeliner, and then pole!!!! I did extra jumping jacks and burpees for warm-up and lots of inverts. So after:

Just a little smudgie but no biggie, hardly noticeable!

Water test:

I subjected my hand with the swatch on faucet water- with Fort Bonifacio's generously strong water system. This is simulating the situation that I live and breathe eyeliner that I have to swim wearing eyeliner and I still have to look human and not a panda.

And to further torture it, I rubbed my hand and then, here it is, with water droplets to prove it.

If you look closely, I'll be honest and say it's got a little fade but it still looks black. I tried wiping it with a tissue and the swatch is still there. Of course, don't expect it to stay on forever. It's eyeliner, not a tattoo, and even tattoos fade. But if it can withstand torture - rub, water, and workout sweat, and still look acceptable instead of runny, it's a sure win.

For me, Covergirl Liquiline Blast is a win for the following:
  • Bang for my buck
  • Intense pigmentation
  • Texture
  • Long-wearing and waterproof ability, as proven by my tests.
I recommend this to girls who love intense eyeliner but find liquid liner or gel liner much of a hassle with the brush. This can be an alternative to your favorite waterproof luxury brand pencil liner.


Jillsabs said...

You think this can withstand my oily lids?

Bambi said...

i think so, kasi when I did your makeup, the one i used had similar properties with this.:)

Anonymous said...

Hey ate bambi! I miss you na! Followed your blog already. Anyhoo, I loved reading this review, I'm gonna buy this eyeliner next when I'm already out of eyeliner.




Emma said...

"when I still have to look human and not panda." HAHA! I laughed for five minutes. Anyways, great job on the review! It had plenty of detail and amazing pictures. :) Now all I've got to do is sneak out to my local Wal-Mart and check it out for myself... :P