Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis The Season To Smell Fab With The Body Shop

Start of December everyone! Have you girls done your shopping yet? If you girls haven't, I've scoped out a few stocking stuffers for all of us. First up, I've checked out this Holiday's collection of The Body Shop. As I blogged about the winter collection, let's check the stuff out to keep our body skin squeaky clean, baby-soft, and yummy smelling, right?

This year, The Body Shop brings back memories of Thanksgiving turkey with the fruity scent of Cranberry Joy. If you want red and berry scents, that is.

Cranberry Joy shower gel, shimmer lotion, body butter, body scrub, hand cream, and lip balm give the festive vibe that would last us from Thanksgiving to New Year. The hand cream is handy enough to tote in our purse and would be great to moisturize your hands after subjecting it to a hand dryer or to harsh detergents. The body butters take away the chappies on our heels or whenever we need spot-correcting. Or if skin's super dry, slather it the night before to wake up with cushy skin in the morning. The lip balm moisturizes the lips that's chapped from too much hot drinks or exposure to dry recycled air.

What I do like though is the improvement on the body scrub formulas. I'm not a fan of scratchy and oily-based scrubs since they leave my skin raw and sticky. The scrub here is gentler, in a gel-like base that reminds me of strawberry (err... cranberry) jam.

If you want the scent of cranberries to fill your home or to deodorize a lavatory after doing your nasty business, you could check out the pretty home candle that smells good even if it's not lighted yet.

If you're more on citrusy scents though, something more fresh check out jolly orange, with scents that remind us of orange gum drops.

Of course there's also a lip balm at hand too, if you prefer the fruity citrusy taste on your kissers. :) The lip balm isn't waxy when I tried it (I tried all 3 flavors in store) and the TBS lippies gets my lips some definite lovin'.

The third scent is my absolute favorite, Spiced Vanilla, since I gravitate towards the spicier warmer scents since the weather's colder. Also, my signature scent is vanilla.... ooops. I didn't mention that. :P

It says vanilla has a very sensual scent, but I really think it just reminds me of cookies, spice, and a hot cup of cocoa with a dash of nutmeg, since this one has got just a hint of spice, at least that's what the scent says. Instead of the gel formula of the body scrub that Cranberry Joy and Jolly Orange has, this one takes a creamy lotion form. I suggest as the scent of Cranberry Joy and Jolly Orange are more uplifting and energizing, the warm cozy scent of vanilla would be perfect to wind down with a cup of hot tea reading your favorite book curled up with a quilt after a long day. Quite a description, but you get the picture.

Hand creams and lip balms are perfect tiny stocking and purse stuffers for girls on the go. There are also bath sets available, depending on the budget you want. The full sizes are perfect if you're a fanatic of a particular scent. Shimmer lotions would be perfect for the party girl or for anyone who's out and about at night who wants to shimmer and shine like a disco ball.

Whether fruity or spicy, the choice is up to you so be sure to catch The Body Shop's bath and body line this Christmas!

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