Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tips for DIY Hair Coloring

If you're saving a few bucks and going DIY by purchasing your own box of hair color, you can avoid a DIY mess and get good results by following a few tips.

My new DIY color. Make DIY a breeze with a few simple steps

First of all, never forget to do a an allergy test.

We often take this for granted because we're excited for our new color right away. Different people react to different products so before placing the whole thing in your hair, best to know if that's good for you. A red patch behind your ear is better than your whole scalp flaring up. Better be safe than sorry.

Find a shade that would flatter you well

The shade on the model on the box may be different from your own natural color. To know which shade suits you well, you can download those fun makeover apps in your smartphone or tablet (like Virtual Makeover) so you can virtually "try" several shades and brands. This will help you narrow your choices so you don't stare at the shelf of hair colors looking clueless.

L'Oreal Excellence Creme (Php 399) in 6.35 is a flattering auburn shade that softens the features. It's an office-friendly shade too, making it the bestselling shade, Available at department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores

Do your application in the bathroom, where cleaning is easy, and keep pets away during the coloring process

Since I have pets, I had my furbabies hang out in the room first as I did my DIY coloring in the bathroom. There's less distraction of kitties rubbing against your leg or being curious on how you look. I hugged them later after the coloring has been done and my hair has been dried and styled.

Wear an old black top and use a dark-colored towel to protect your neck and shoulders.
DIY hair color can get messy so drape a black towel on your shoulders (secure it with a clamp, just like what they do in salons). Wear an old black top, especially if you have long hair so that just in case there may be stains, it's okay.

Don't forget the hair at the crown and back section! 

Make sure you get all areas covered! We often get the front side even but by the time we reach the back of the head, we can get a patchy, uneven result. You can get a friend to help with the back and make it a fun bonding session bringing memories of slumber parties of our pre-teen years.

Plan your activities

You can't wash your hair a day after color usually so make sure you're not going to the gym for a major sweat session right after your color. Plan your color when you are not going to go to the beach or swim on the pool since that can cause major fade. If I know I'll be hitting the beach, I would usually color my hair a month before. Also, no HIIT or core training the day after coloring since I know I'll be sweating buckets. Maybe yin yoga, light yoga flow, or pole dance perhaps?

Invest on a sulfate-free shampoo and products for color-treated hair

L'Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Shampoo cleans your hair while caring and preserving your color.  Once a month, treat your hair to a hair masque treatment. I recommend the L'Oreal Professionel Vitamino Color Color Radiance Protection + Perfection Jelly Mask. Smells good too! Available at salons.

This would make your hair color last longer and stay more vibrant. They also contain ingredients that can hydrate your hair. Care for your hair as well by applying hair masque on your hair once a month.

Hopefully, these may make your DIY color experience a breeze. Have fun with your new color and rock that head of hair.

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Kate said...

Love this product! I'm using the 5.45 Intense Lustrous Auburn shade.