Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bambi Loves Plueys For Cheery Rainy Days

Here's something to help me by during the rainy day

I remember back in college when classes were suspended due to rains. Since UP Manila was at the heart of Manila where little showerettes of rain could cause terrible floods, classes can be suspended quite easily. At first it was okay until I had to tread through floodwater and come home with a broken umbrella, soaked sneakers, socks, and jeans, and a horrible cold. Since then, rain has been something I have always dreaded. Not only do I get soaking wet but imagine the what murks lie beneath flood water (ew).

Lately is no different, and it's even more tricky and unpredictable since a very very very sunny morning can morph into a rainy afternoon, and rainy meaning a golf umbrella can't be enough. Just this morning, it rained practically the whole morning, then stopped, rained in the afternoon, but by the time I got out, there was no need for my umbrella.

The magic box above contained two essentials that I could be wearing when rain starts to pour making my life easier and more comfortable.

I luv my new Plueys!

Plueys are actually stylish Wellington boots (nicknamed "Wellies" ) that were created to protect our feet from the rain. They're comfortable, durable, and cotton-lined and not to mention super cute! They came out last 2007 and not only have I seen girls wear Plueys and stomping with them on the rain, but also at the mall, eating out, or anywhere. They are just too cute! When I chose my design, I chose Catstooth, which Esel described to me as having a houndstooth print with the colors of brown, black, and white. I saw it over the website and absolutely fell in love with it since it looked so classy but funky and it goes well with most of the stuff in my wardrobe. I do like a bit of classy too. :)Isn't it cute? Okay, I just saw an interesting detail too while I was going over it. It's not just a houndstooth pattern. Those little colors actually are the shape of cats!

Meow meow meow meow meow meow! Rawwwwr! If you look closely, even the white portions are also cats. Heeheeeheee! Preppy-classy meets quirky. Wear them with socks, tights, or stockings inside.

Another baby in the box are the waterproof rain flats, which can be used during the unpredictable weather where we leave the house sunny but didn't expect the rain to pour down the streets.

Classic black flats accented with rainbow dots. They are comfortable and waterproof. The size I got was a bit loose (I got a size 9 as the 8 was too tight) but cork could fix that.

I guess rainy days can make me smile and be glad to show off these babies! Heeheehee.


Askmewhats said...

sexy looking! WOW! you'll look hot on a rainy season!

nikkiz. said...

Hi Bambi! Love your blog :-)
My daughter loves her Plueys and I really should've gotten one for myself. Anyway, I'm curious about the polka dot waterproof flats. Where did you buy it? Are they from Plueys too (can't see them on the website)?

Bambi said...

@askmewhats: I know right? :) Now I can't wait to rain :P

@ NikkiZ: Thanks for the nice comments. the waterproof flats are also from Plueys but they'll be available soon. They're new products actually. :)

Steph said...

oooh i love the flats! :)

Bambi said...

Cute noh?