Thursday, February 23, 2012

Strong Is The New Sexy

The latest album in the Polecats Facebook page just totally blew me away, and here are some shots:

The complete album could be viewed here.

In their collaboration with Director of Photography Pong Ignacio and Dom Dycaico, they show a new meaning of sexy. Sexy has been stereotyped as the hourglass-shaped vixen with the red lipstick, tight black dress, and mile-high heels as she sashays with her margarita tossing her head full of curls. Sometimes, it could be the size 0 model in that couture gown as she sashays the catwalk. Sexy can be calculated as 36C, size 2, size 0, 24 inches, 105 lbs, 5'11". This shoot blurs out colors and numbers into a simple but beautiful dancer's silhouette.

Let the Polecats show you a new definition of sexy - it's not the makeup or skimpy outfits that make a girl sexy. We see perfect lines and clean form as they execute their pole tricks. Mind you, they're not easy to do, and executing these tricks beautifully require certain amount of muscle strength. And it's not just getting there, it's looking pretty while there and holding it.

This trick, called the Hummingbird may look easy, but mind you it takes a lot of core strength, knee strength, hip flexibility, and training to be able to hold it long enough for a photo before your body gives out (kidding on the body gives out part, you'll just be exhausted. :P). When I blogged that pole dancing is not just making pa-cute on the pole I kid you not. You have to be physically strong to do the moves beautifully and safely and emotionally strong to withstand the pain of skin friction.

The students had such positive reinforcement when the album was posted. This is what I love about the Polecats - they know how to give positive mindset on the students, and inspire them to really do good. On a personal note, my pole batchmates and I have advanced to Intermediate levels together and we all got our poles. Seeing the album makes us work harder even more and that means doing our homework and training hard in class. So how to rock in pole? I subscribe to two D's - Determination and Discipline.

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Romsy said...

Agreee!! Pole is not pa-cute. Pole is not pa-slut (grrr!). Pole is athleticism and grace and strength and play. :-)