Monday, February 22, 2010

Falling in Love with LOVE ETC

Valentine's is sure filled with love and all, whether it be love for friends, S.O., work, or well, anything we love. The Body Shop was no exception to launch a new fragrance on Valentine's Season in a title that's very apt. :)

Hello LOVE ETC, the newest potion among The Body Shop's roster of scents that treat our senses. Before makeup, my obsession was shower gels and sprays and lotions and anything that smell nice, and I still love them. The retro fun logo is initially striking and I just love love love the colors juxtapositioned with the black-and-white portraits. :) Very pop.

The lotion comes with a pump that I could twist to lock and unlock so it's great if I want to bring this for travel and I don't want unecessary spilling of products and I'm too lazy to transfer contents to a separate container. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin much, so it's quite apt with the warmth that's happening right now.
Speaking of warmth, the scent is a mixture of fruity then it comes out sweet (like vanilla or candy) then a bit on the musk side. It's not really too heavy but not too light either. The scent is very feminine, so this line is definitely for someone who would want to feel girly and fun.
The Eau De Parfum comes in a very elegant-looking bottle that looks great on my dresser. The pink letters add appeal too. Like the lotion variant, this is more of a warm-sweet variety with a bit of musk on the bottom note. Since this is perfume, this lasts longer than body splashes on the skin and the musk makes it quite intense. I recommend wearing this better during the night or sparingly during the day, especially now that the temperature is rising really fast. The scent is very fun, very feminine, but a bit warm, which tames the scent a bit.
Girly and fun yet a bit warm and sexy....I guess the makers of this line wanted all of us to have the best of both worlds. Whatever personality you have, this is one fragrance that brought out the girly-ness in me. :)

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