Friday, October 8, 2010

Jho and TJ's Prenuptial Photoshoot

I always agree that working is really fun when you're with the people you love. When a person very close to me ties the knot, it always is my honor when she asks me to do makeup for her on her wedding day. So when my Jhojho and I were texting and she told me we had to talk about wedding details, she didn't have to tell me but I knew that she was going to tie the knot. She didn't have to make a formal statement. I just knew and by the flow of conversation, we sorta got to the point. I was waiting though for her to ask me to do her makeup but she wasn't popping the question to me. Finally I asked her if I'll be doing her makeup for her upcoming prenup shoot and wedding. She told me she wanted but she's nahihiya because I was so busy raw. I was like, "Anukaba, parang di kita love. All you have to do is ask!" She also wanted me to be part of her entourage during her wedding and she was worried I might be ngarag. I was like, "Kaya yan! Don't worry about me. I'm the queen of multitasking. Ang importante, maganda ka!"

Jho and I immediately hit it off when we first met. When I saw her, I was like, "Ang pretty naman nitong girl na ito and ang bait!" She's the type of girl you would love to love. She would spot you in a mall and give you a hug. Maybe that's why her beau, TJ, is very much smitten by her and wouldn't want to let her go.

Jho and TJ had their prenup shoot last Saturday at La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. TJ picked me up near my place and we headed off to Jho's place to meet up with Jho and our fantastic photographer, Christine. Before this day, it was raining really hard and we were all praying that the weather would cooperate the day of the shoot. I told Jho that just in case it gets all muddy and slippery at Ecopark, she could borrow my Plueys. In fact, on our way to Blue Ridge, there was a slight shower at Coastal. EEEK!!!!!!! Good thing that it stopped raining the time we got to Ecopark.

I've only been to Ecopark once before this shoot and it's quite famous for photoshoots, especially prenups. Jho borrowed gowns from a designer friend of hers for that very ethereal look. I proceded to give soft waves to her hair and Jho was game to walk from the reception area to our makeshift "staging area" - slash - picnic table in pincurls and velcro rollers. There were kids who even said, "Ay, she forgot to remove her rollers" pero keme lang si Jho.

Jho and TJ even prepared food for us, which takaw me wolfed. I told Jho I'd get three hotdogs now, kasi the last time I only got one.

With us is Lambert Pangilinan, who did their wedding AVP. Zomg. So I have kickass videographer and photographer plus did I mention Jho has several endorsements and billboards along EDSA too? So I gotta stay at the top of my game and bawal pumeteks. Christine would be working on natural light so I can't take my time. TJ was quite at ease with makeup and I assured him too that he wouldn't even notice that he's wearing foundation.

And look at the fantastic shots too:
Jho was game to cross creeks, stand on foilage, and lie on grass - in couture gowns! I was on standby to supply anti-mosquito lotion to avoid the nasty bites

Obligatory fun shots. :P

By the next layout, Jho opted to have her hair up na lang since it was already hot and humid in Ecopark.

Happy couple!
As you could see, I'm already booked on May 15, 2011. :)

After the prenup shoot/field trip, we had to pack up since Ecopark was closing and Christine had no more light left. We were all tired and sleepy but it was so much fun. And looking at the pictures, it was definitely a successful shoot.

Photo credits:
Couple: Jhoanna Flor and TJ Cafuir
Makeup, Grooming, and Hair: Bambi de la Cruz
Photography: Christine Day Lorico


christine day said...

gave a link back here in my blog :)

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christine day said...

i linked you back in my blog :)
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Steph said...

hi Bambi! you and tin did a great job. :) jho looked stunning in the pics! i also saw your prenup set from tin's blog. angganda din :D