Sunday, June 28, 2009

Estee Lauder Sale Haul

Warning: Picture-heavy post up ahead :P

Last week, I was guest artist for the MAC booth when the Estee Lauder group of companies had a big sale held at the Mandarin Hotel. Aside from the huge discounts (50-70% off), I also got the chance to be surrounded with makeup, make huge sales, and uhmm... of course I can't help but make a few buys.

What's being sold are actually limited edition collections and extra stocks that are still good (of course! they're unused) but they have to get rid of them to make way for new collections. Participating brands were Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Origins, DKNY, Dolce and Gabanna, and of course, MAC! The sale lasted for 3 days with brush sets, makeup, and fragrances flying off the tables. Sales like these only happen once in a blue moon (I don't know if they'll have this next year though, so we sure took advantage).

And my own hauls by the end of the sale period:

Colorforms advanced brush set. Wheee!

Nail polish at 70 off. I was glad that there was a basecoat as I don't have basecoat and I need something to protect my nails especially since I like wearing dark polish. I also got nail lacquer in black, which I'm wearing now.

I got a can of leg spray, which could be used as a body bronzer (thanks to Sam, plus it was 70 off) I was advised to get the dark shade. The dark wasn't really clownish. I used this on a photoshoot with my model. She's actually very fair, about an NC25 but when I bronzed her, the bronzing didn't look muddy. She looked sunkissed. Very good buy, and one to review soon.

The following day, I was glad that they had new stocks of mineralize satinfinish foundation. I'm more of a fan of mineralize satinfinish since I like the dewy glow it gives. I got one in NC42 and since it was 50 off... I just had to say yes.
Foundation is important! And I was glad to get a very universal Asian shade.

Since I've been yearning for MAC brushes for the longest time, the Colorforms Advanced Brush Set was the tip top of my buys. Retail price for this is 3,600 but I got it at half off. It's actually a good buy since a MAC brush costs really expensive at the store. I got really premium brushes look!
168 Brush for blush and contouring

275 for eyeshadow lid and nose contour

219 brush AKA pencil brush for setting pencil eyeliner so they don't run or slide

212 brush for tightlining, eyebrows, gel liner, and also setting powder shadow


The purple case (that also comes with the makeup case) that holds the brushes also doesn't hurt. So pretty and at least my brushes stay in top condition. :)

The brushes are all short handled brushes, meaning travel-sized but the performance is still the same with full-length brushes. They're okay to travel too, so I get to have more space on my purse or makeup bag.

These are purchases that I surely can't wait to use, and this also means I have to work ten times as hard. :)

Oh, and my MAC collection as of this day (not shown: MAC pencil in lingering and MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation NC35 backup)

;-) Makeup Addict!


Crissy said...

Wow, quite a haul!

Saw you during the sale :D

dustbunny said...

when was the sale? is it an invite only sale? hope they'll have a sale next year too...

Bambi said...

@ Crissy: Yep it was... Couldn't help it

@ Dustbunny: It was held last week from wed to friday. :) I don't know if they'll have one though last year.

Steph said...

oh wow! love your haul! did they have mac eyeshadows too? btw, was it invite only sale?

Missy said...

Hi.. jusy want to ask if there's upcoming sale for mac?