Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day as a Guest Makeup Artist

When MAC calls, I get all excited. :D
I got a call last week from MAC asking if I could guest makeup artist since they would have to be attending a training session from 1 pm to 9 pm on Monday at the Makati branch of MAC. That news was enough to put my energy up ten notches.

Basically, a MAC Guest Makeup Artist does what a regular MAC makeup artist does - either be on counter and sell makeup and do demos/makeovers and assist clients or go to fashion shows/theater productions where MAC is a sponsor. It's usually given to makeup artists who have worked in MAC or have extensive (and I mean really extensive knowledge) knowledge of MAC products.
So here goes... I had to be there on counter in all-black outfit, from clothes down to shoes with no prints or designs. Accessories should just be silver, black, or transparent and wear strictly just MAC makeup.
I left the house at 7:00 a.m. to go to Rustan's Head Office at 8 a.m. to get my temporary I.D. However, being in Manila on a MONDAY after payday... I expected this:

And I told the cab driver to step on it since I was running late :( Plus there was an accident along coastal road. Grrrrr.... I was stuck for a good 30 minutes in coastal and 30 minutes in Buendia. Grrrr.... Why not take the van that goes straight to Makati saving me cash? Because the line was so darn long. I got lost a bit and I was texting Kang for directions, and I arrived there and got my temporary ID! :D

Since my shift was at 1 p.m., I had a quick [late] breakfast at 7-11 and ran some of my errands before going to Glorietta where I changed to my all-black dress and stockings and (very comfortable) shoes since I knew I'll be practically standing up the entire day. I had a quick lunch too since I shouldn't be hungry.

The difference here this time was I entered the mall via the employee's entrance where I showed my ID and deposited my bag at the employee's lounge. I brought my cellphone and valuables with me. Then I got on counter where I was briefed on the products, stocks, plus I met Angel, the other guest makeup artist. The counter demo brushes were shown to me and so was the magical brush cleanser that I fell in love with. While waiting for customers, I did my makeup (which had to be all MAC)

The smile of a person being surrounded with MAC Makeup! :D My hair was up in a bun, the simplest and neatest style I could ever think of that would keep hair away from my face while making me look human.

Makeup used for this look:

Studiofinish Concealer in NC35

Select Sheer Foundation in NC35

Studiofix Foundation in NC 35

Blot powder in Medium

Blush in Dollymix

Mineralize Skinfinish in Light for highlight.

Blush in Gingerly to contour

Eyebrow pencil in Lingering to fill in brows and set with MAC charcoal brown and Brow Set in Sophisticated.

Paintpot in Painterly as a base and used the Smoky Eyes Palette from the MAC Holiday Collection to do my smoky eyes and then I lined my eyes with Black Russian Liners (from the Suite Array Collection) and set it with MAC carbon. By the end of the day I played with some color by dabbing in eyeshadow in freshwater.

Prep+Prime Lash and Loudlash mascara in Noisy Black

MAC lipglass in Prrr (if anyone of you saw me with red lips, that's lipglass in Russian Red)

Okay, so now I'm done with my makeup, it's time to proceed with sales. The first client asked me advice on her Studiofix as to how long should she keep her Studiofix foundation and what she should purchase, since she felt her skin has changed color. I showed her a slightly darker shade than what she is using and applied that shade to one half of her face and her own studiofix to the other half. After comparison, she bought a compact of her own shade. I opened the stock for her and showed her the condition of the product... that she purchased it in top condition and it came with an application sponge.

More clients came in and each client's questions had to be answered. I gave demos when requested and when clients are not on counter, we would familiarize ourselves as to where the stocks were. For a Monday, it was a busy day for the counter and products were flying off the shelves, mostly Studiofix foundation. Basically, it was fun. It's not just standing there and selling and promoting the products. We also have to give demos when asked and try to help them with their queries. Demos are given particularly so a client gets to know how to use the product and how to maximize it.

By the time closing came I washed the brushes and lay them flat to dry.

The MAC brush cleanser is just awesome in cleaning these babies. Not to mention it smells pretty good too!

It was tiring especially the peak hours when there were clients coming one after the other each with their different set of questions and needs. However, it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun.
Thanks to MAC for trusting me for this gig. :) I definitely had fun here. :)


Airis said...

Hi there, I heard that Mac StudioFix foundation is really good. I was just wondering how much it costs. Thanks!

Bambi said...

Php 1,500

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Bambi, I always read your blogs and I was wondering if how I can be a guest makeup artist in MAC or even the other cosmetic company. Thanks!

irisheyesmakeup andphotography said...

How much do you make a day as a guest mua in Mac?