Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Kitties!

Last weekend was special because it was a double celebration since our cats celebrated their birthdays. We had cake and the cats had Fancy Feast canned food, their ultimate favorite wet food.

How much are those kitties by the window Meow Meow!
Candy turned four last Sunday, February 15. He's been doing really well with good appetite. He transitioned last year to Royal Canin Urinary s/o cat food (he prefers dry food over wet, strange cat) due to a bladder problem. His obesity has also been less thanks to the exercise he has been getting by kitty playtime. He still remains a big cat though, probably since he's part Bengal. He has considerably mellowed down though, and bathing him is much easier.

He takes over the bed. Tomorrow, the world
Candy's birthday was the date of his adoption but Burt's is the approximate of his real birthday. When Burt was spotted last June, he was about 3 months old as per the doctor. So counting from his adoption date, his estimated actual birthday is February, and coincidentally, the day before Candy's birthday.

This is Burt now. He has officially left kitten status and is now an adult cat. Isn't he all cute and fat?

He has already been neutered (done when he was about 6 months old) and his shots and deworming complete. Also, he found a best friend with his big brother, Candy.

My two little piggies.

The two are super different with their personalities but became surprisingly best friends. Candy's a bit aloof and choosy with people while Burt loves attention

The hoomans got cake that day while the kitties got Fancy Feast for two days. Unfortunately, no photos of their meals as they wolfed them all down. I wish my two babies lots more long years of living with their family. :) Because life is awesome with kitties around.

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