Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Sunday Shoot

Filbert texted me if I could do makeup for them on Sunday for a test shoot (so that's why this blog has been silent) for a model folio.
My Answer? Yes! These guys are just amazing photographers and working for them is my definite pleasure. I chatted with Filbert the night before and he showed me pegs of the shoot so I know what makeup to pack.
Tips to photographers: Show a peg to your makeup artist/stylist as well as info on the model as to the shoe size/dress size/skin color/preferences so we know what to pack. It's hard to bring all our makeup. :P
Anyway, we met up at Starbucks that Sunday and we drove to the location where I was introduced to Shiela, the owner of the place, Eric, the stylist, and Daniel, the model. The clothes were shown and we started first with clean look before moving on to something dramatic. Oh, and they did tell me that the model was going to get wet.

photo by Filbert Kung
The foundation did stay and I'm glad for that. :) I love waterproof makeup. :D
Then two looks with darker eyes.
The shoot ended at around 6 pm with 10 layouts. :-) Love it! :D

Photo by Filbert Kung

Thanks guys! You're the best!
Model: Daniel Benjahmin
Photographers: Filbert Kung and Glenn Peter Perez of Blackfox Photography
Stylist: Eric Poliquit

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