Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bridal Work: Kristine

Teen's a very fun person to talk to. She's very receptive and open to ideas and makeup suggestions and doing our trial was actually very fun. During our trial, it was funny because when she knocked on the door and when I opened it, the cat out of nowhere went inside straight to the cat food. We had to shoo the cat away before starting. "Yep, it does that a lot, and four others," I said.

When I asked her about her wedding, she told me it was going to be a morning wedding, so makeup has to be very light and fresh. But light and fresh doesn't mean almost nothing. There's still got to be something of course. There are subtle contours, a kiss of rosiness, highlight, glow, and enhancement on the eyes.

Her look during her trial makeup:

It's actually a mixture of pinks and peaches, since the motif of the wedding was blue and silver. Teen's hair during her trial isn't her hair on her wedding of course. I just set it in rollers and then brushed it down for swingy, pretty volume. I also brushed her brows with one of MAC's bestselling products: Brow Set in Girl/Boy to give the look an overall bridal beauty softness.

Our preps for her wedding started as early as 5 am. Teen was her very usual joyful self, and despite everyone's lack of sleep, Teen was surrounded by her family, and friends (who were the wedding coordinators), we were giggling and hyper and falsies haven't been applied yet.

For her wedding updo, our original plan was for her to have a side ponytail but we opted to have a sideswept bun for church and loosen the bun into a low side ponytail for reception. Hair was done by my good friend and labs, Lei Ponce.

At her bridal car, Teen looks very princess-like waiting to step out. Her dress looks absolutely gorgeous, with clean lines and just lace.

This was the time she had a lot of pictures from friends and their official photographer. By the time she had to walk down the aisle, she was just by herself outside. She was the only one with a bouquet of red tulips. Pretty!

Another fact with Teen and her (now) husband Teej is that they both sing in the choir. Music during the church ceremony was provided by Hangad Music Ministry. Plus, the homily was given by one of their closest friends in the choir, who's an ordained minister.

My blogger friend Jay was there too, as he's friends with the couple since they work together in the same company. We were fascinated by the vintage car the couple hired so we took pictures.

Yes, and Jay was also able to capture me in my julalay moment.

Teej never let go of Teen's hand the entire time. Awwww....

The couple still had shots around the church too, and we had to head back to the hotel for the reception. Going from the church (Nuesta Senora de Guadalupe Church) to Richmond Hotel in Eastwood took almost forever with C5 being clogged. The reason was due to an accident wherein a container van tripped over some cable wire in Eastwood causing the entire C5 to turn into a parking lot in minutes. Taking some detours didn't work though as there were a lot who took detours too. Nevertheless, we made it! Traffic's not gonna bum anyone!

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