Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mineralize Skinfinish: Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

Just can't let go of it:

Retail Price: Php 1,680 (very limited stocks only)
Mineralize Skinfinish Degrade in Redhead. This baby is responsible in creating glowy highlights for that hydroluminous skin that he created. If you're a fan of Mineralize SkinFinish at MAC, I'm sure you all love that light to medium coverage and glow it gives.
So opening the package:

We see that there are four different colors, which could be used individually as blushers/eyeshadows or in combination as blush and/or highlight. The frosty finish would be good for highlights. Here, I got the redhead variant, which ranges from gold to salmon pink. I'm not a fan of matte popping-pink candy-colored blushers but I like sheer, shimmery rosy glows.

The look is reminiscent of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks or Body Shop Shimmer Waves. MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish, in this collection has four colors all in frosty finishes and buildable coverage. The difference between this and the other mineralize skinfinish you know is that the colors are arranged in stripes instead of the marbled swirls.

I like it as a blush and highlight. I used the pink side as a blush on the tops of my cheeks and the gold side (left side) to highlight my cheekbones, nose bridge, chin, etc. For an all-over effortless glow, I swirl my stippling brush on the compact and apply sparingly on my nose bridge, chin, and apples of the cheeks for just a slight glow. MAC makeup artists recommend this for weddings or events/pegs/shoots where you need an all-over glow.

Swatches on the individual colors:

Very natural colors, nothing too flashy or pigmented. Just slight frosty tints. If you're not a fan of blush but would want to look a tad bit alive and glowy, this could be a good alternative. Just don't go too all happy go lucky and smother your face in this or you'll look too shiny and oily instead of glowing beauty.
There are actually two other variants: Blonde and Brunette, each have different ranges of shades. The redhead I chose because it's more universal and I like the warm hues of the colors.
A downside with this though: You have to take extra special care with this as these frosty compacts are more fragile. This means no hurling against the wall, placing at the edge of the table, or any place where it could be subject to falls, trauma, or incidents to make it smash into smithereens.
My verdict on this: for a non-blush wearer (I'm more on contour and a slight tint for dimension and highlight), I really like the glow it gives me. I just have to be extra careful in handling this. :)

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