Sunday, February 8, 2009

Makeupbybambi goes to the MAC Pro Workshop

When I got the text from MAC Makati announcing that John Stapleton will be arriving in Manila and would be conducting a workshop of their spring-summer trends, I wanted to attend. It really was a good deal -for a Php3,000 gift check redeemable of MAC products (I scored myself a Studiofix foundation in NC50, A 217 brush, and cream color base in Shell), you get to attend this workshop where you could meet and greet him and probably ask a thing or two.

I first heard of John Stapleton when he was interviewed by Alessa of Pursebuzz. I loved the makeover he did on her and it was such a fun interview with lots of stuff to learn. Plus, he's worked with so many celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Fergie of Black Eyed Peas, and Kelly Osborne just to name a few.

The event was held yesterday, February 7, 2009 at Attica Bar in the New A-Venue Mall in Makati Ave. Again, I told the cab to just step on it to get me to the venue on time and since I had a shoot right after, I brought train case, pull-on trolley and five-inch pink stilettos with me. Good thing that I wasn't late and I arrived like 2.5 minutes early. I deposited my stuff at the ground floor and begged them to guard my makeup with their life and proceeded upstairs.

We were greeted by a preview of the new MAC collections coming up, and maybe MAC addicts would have heard now about the Hello Kitty Collection, which is one of the much-anticipated collections coming, and I got that question a lot when I was their guest artist last week.


Lovely Lovely lippies!


When we finally got to our seats, a short video presentation was shown featuring the Spring/Summer trends on the runways ranging from a natural, pretty look to the high-on avante garde with gold brows and thick eyeliner that could go from very Bond Girl cat eyes to this interesting shape reminiscent of butterly wings. From the runway, we were shown two looks which we could wear for everyday - a subtle smoky eye featuring earth tones, lots of mascara, and a glossy lip, and a fun look using just a hint of blue on the eye and a bright magenta lip. Both looks had one thing in common -dewy, glowy skin, which they termed as "hydroluminous skin" - shimmery, youthful and glowy without looking too oily. Products used to contour were a deep shade of mineral foundation applied with a fluffy brush gradually and Mineralize Skinfinish to highlight. John advises to just highlight the tip of the nose to contour rather than shading the sides for a more natural finish.

The technique that stuck on to me was the lipliner technique. I kinda get lazy with lipliner and just draw on but he showed us a technique on how to do it perfectly. Line the top lip and have the lips pressed together naturally rather than opened or stretched out and sketch the outline as if you were painting and fill in. Then, have your model or client smack her lips together and you'd see that the top lip's color sort of blots on the lower lip in perfect symmetry and just fill in. I tried this during my shoot right after and it worked and guess what I was wearing? Magenta lipstick! :)

After the demo, the participants got to mingle with each other and pause for quick photo-ops and chats.
Some of the participants (Hello Kang of MAC Makati at the back)
I got a picture too. :)

(Currently sporting MAC Russian Red lipstick and MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder and mascara)
John's definitely very friendly and accomodating to all our queries and questions especially the makeup artists who neverendedly kept the questions coming. It was such a pleasure to meet and greet a famous MAC Artist and learn a thing or two. I sure hope that I get to bump into him when I fly off to L.A.
Okay then, so after the event I did dash to my shoot and guess what: I applied everything I learned. :) Pictures to come out very very soon :)
Thanks to MAC Makati and John Stapleton for the really fun workshop!

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