Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Golden Shoot

For Valentine's Day.... I worked and it could not have been better. I really had a lot of fun and I loved the shoot. The shoot was actually for my good friend Mike's portfolio as a photographer he needed a shoot with gold swimsuits and ottomans. However, the ottomans didn't arrive on time and he made do with his studio set, which still looked fantastic nevertheless. Since we've been working together for quite a long time, we were bonded and the cast definitely was comfortable and all.

So here's Kat, who I gave striking blue-green eyes to contrast the gold swimsuit. If you view my page often, you know Kat before with the long hair but she chopped her hair and I really loved it since it suits her spunky personality more.

That waistline is enough to make me do 100 crunches right before I hit the bed...no contouring there. Kat's eyes are inspired by Britney Spears' eyes in the music video, I'm a Slave For You, and the look I adapted from panacaea's tutorial in Youtube. I used coral for her lips and added golden gloss too. I styled her hair by working in hair wax and separating pieces for a chunky funky look.

Of course I also did some posing.

Thank you Mike! This is faking the fact that I had lechon for lunch and tomato basil pesto for breakfast. Here, I matched my eyes with the gold swimsuit by doing a gold smoky eye look and encircled my eye with black shadow with flecks of shimmer and highlighted the balls of my lids with a high-shine metallic bronze powder eyeshadow. I added falsies. and contoured my face instead of applying blush. I had nude lips and faked huge, full lips with lots of gloss. I also crimped my hair and teased it so I got that kind of big hair retro chic style.

Fun V-day. Anyone worked during this day too?

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