Monday, October 4, 2010

WOW! Cutesy Pads from Kotex

I received an email a few weeks ago inviting me to a special launch of a new product by Kotex. The attire called for something fun and girly. Of course, this is going to be a girl thing. :) I got my haircut first and visited my friends before heading out to Bizu guess what - 30 minutes early to get a feel of the place. Bizu, with its purple and pink interiors and colorful french pastries has always been associated with things fun and girly.

I was then given a briefing on the new pads launched by Kotex, which had absolutely cute designs depending on the user's personality. As soon as the crowd started pouring in, we were fed first. Then, after we had our tummies full, the activity started.

Event host Krystle asked each of us to introduce ourselves, our blog URL, and answer the question: If I were a brand, I would be [fill in]. When my turn came, I alluded myself to the brands Chanel and Alexander McQueen. Chanel having my personal style to be classic and neutral (I came to the event wearing a black tank, jeans, black boots, poker straight hair, and an oversize battered black bag) and Alexander McQueen to reflect my personality as an artist - not limiting myself to convention and society standards. Come to think of it, I should have branched out my brand to the makeup brand and I would have said MAC too. Each blogger also gave their own different answers, each reflecting their individual personalities and tastes. Some bloggers even said that they would be their own brand of clothing as some of them are also designers.

With all our different personalities, Kotex introduces new cutesy pads called Kotex Luze Designs that veered away from the conventional standard white. Check out the lookbook with a sample pad:

I immediately thought of the baby diapers with happy designs, except this had more color.

There are currently two design categories for this one. The design in the lookbook above is for the artsy Indie Chic girls, with boho paisely prints and button prints.

And above are all six designs. Indie Chic has three cute designs to choose from. The Girl-Next-Door is for the sweet, innocent girly-girl with poufy dresses and pink lipglosses. When I saw them, I found them cute and fun. In my head, though, I was thinking "Sana, there's leopard print."

Well up next, looks like the event read my mind. For the next activity, us bloggers were handed out "pad" models were we design our own Kotex pads. Funny thing, I can't draw so I thought I'd exhaust all my art skills and cubist abstractions into something. So I thought of something and got a monochromatic scheme with my design:

I call it Kotex for the un-girly girl, inspired with a favorite video game of mine and tattoo designs. I dunno if this would be a future design though, but who knows?

A few of us also asked too if the colors on the designs were safe on the skin. As you all know, the skin in our area there is quite sensitive. According to Kotex, they did tests and found out that it was quite safe on the skin, so no worries.

Plus aside from the cutesy prints on the pad, check the cutesy cover too and the packaging with a drawstring.

I guess that's one way to avoid embarrasment when someone takes a peek inside the bag and sees a pad there.

Of course in every event, we should always have pictures. It was so fun too because I was able to see pleasant surprises in the person of people that I've worked previously

Krystle is actually one of the models I worked with. She's a good friend of mine and Yeoh's. It was so funny she didn't notice me when I got to Bizu because I was dressed up. When we first met during our shoot, I was in tsinelas and shorts.

Stylist and blogger Aisa Ipac and I bonded before in a shoot. Fabulous with clothes and trinkets, her blog is quite well-read with over 200 followers. :) This time, we bond in an event.

Whether you're a boho girl with a free spirit or a hopeless romantic, there's a Kotex Luxe design that could fit your fancy. If you're gonna ask if they're available, yes they are and in fact, while I was at Rustan's Makati supermarket yesterday, I saw a section with the WOW pads already.

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