Friday, February 20, 2009

Back To MAC 411

Anyone guilty of being a MAC makeup addict?

I could defnitely see hands raising up. I'm also a MAC makeup addict and my collection of MAC makeup has been growing. It's a brand that I've been a loyalist for 6 years already and although I have other brands as favorites, my love for MAC has been constant. Anyway, I'm here to talk about an ongoing project of MAC. Actually, it's been on for quite some time but very few people know about it, so here I am to talk about it, and this is good news, especially to the MAC fanatics out there.

Anyone heard of Back 2 MAC? Anyway, the Back 2 MAC promo is a forever ongoing promo of MAC sharing their commitment to the environment with their customers. Here, by returning 6 MAC primary packaging containers to a MAC counter, a client receives a free lipstick of his or her choice (except Viva Glam lipsticks). This is for makeup artists who prefer to keep their lipsticks in customizable palettes/pillboxes or depot their eyeshadows and blushers and place them in customizable palettes. That's why I always tell my clients who have MAC containers to keep them until they reach 6 and then return them to any MAC store so they can score a free lipstick of their choice. It's a good way of saving the environment and saving 1000 pesos off our wallets too.

I've asked which items could be returned for the Back 2 MAC program and these are:

Empty Eyeshadow pan
Empty Trio Compact
Empty Quad Compact
Empty Cream Colour Base
Empty Paint Tube (like MAC paints)
Empty Pigment
Empty Mascara Tube
Empty Liquid Liner Tube
Empty Lipglass, Lipstick, and Lipgelle tube
Empty Skin Care Container
Empty lipliner, technakohl, brow pencil container (the one that's retractable)
Empty foundation compact/loose powder jar
Empty Blush compacts

So far, these are what I know that could be returned for the Back 2 MAC program. Of course, the containers have to be original MAC containers and not dupes or fakes. What you could do is put them in a bag and take it to the nearest MAC store/counter and they let you sign their file and choose a lipstick.

Yep, I've been saving my lipstick/compact containers for this. :) For makeup artists, this saves you a lot of money too.


Askmewhats said...

That is great to know! I always thought its just for MAC international :) This is wonderful news!

cheska said...

would you happen to know if the actual boxes are needed or just the empty containers? :)

Bambi said...

@ nikki yep yep! actually while i was on counter they taught me how to handle back-2-macs

@ cheska : as far as i know, i think only the empty containers but i'll get back on that just to make sure.

steph said...

Hi! just browsing through. thanks for this info! i've been throwing out my MAC empty containers coz i didn't think back2mac was offered here.