Monday, February 14, 2011

Bohol Adventure Day 4

It's time to see the dolphins. I don't mean dolphins in a regular dolphin show. I initially declined seeing the dolphins because I've been to Ocean Park and Sea World already and I'm already neckful with marine mammals jumping in hoops and all that. It was different though, since these are wild dolphins, meaning they're in their natural habitat.

Giving in to the request to see the dolphins, I was ready to drag myself out of the 400-thread count sheets I've been sleeping in the past two nights for a 6 AM calltime. With the sun barely reaching high, we set off on a boat to watch the dolphins do their thang.

The boat ride was practically I think around 30 minutes long, it would go past Panglao then past Balicasag Island. Pretty soon, other boats were also converging at the same point, not really traffic, but at least we're confident that we're being taken at the right direction.

The signal we get from seeing dolphins are just to follow the shrieks of excitement. I guess videos would do justice to this more, as I complied a video to muffle my own shrieks when I saw the dolphins. Don't expect high jumps though as these are dolphins going about their own natural way of life.

Spot their fins! The last clip has got the better view of them.

On the way back (dolphin viewing usually only lasts 6-8 a.m., beyond that would be too hot for them), our propeller broke so the dudes who man the boat needed to replace it. Thank god we were near Balicasag Island, so while waiting, I tanned and threw pebbles on the sea to kill time.

The replacement took only around ten minutes and we got back to Alona Beach in time for breakfast, last minute-tanning, and packing up before checking out at the hotel. I was sad while packing because it was so much fun.

It was a fun trip, since you get to enjoy not just the shores but also the city and you get to learn a lot about the things we used to read and study about in school, that they actually exist. Would I like to go back? I wouldn't mind again, this time I better be armed with more gear.

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