Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MAC Brush Cleaner Review

Being a makeup artist exposes me to a lot of clients and hence aside from making them beautiful, caring for their skin should be our priority. One of the things I've learned and decided to take into heart is never to let a dirty brush near a client or model's face. As Thalia mentioned in her book, Belleza, Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness, "dirty brushes are like petri dishes". They can breed all sorts of bacteria. She would even state that before a makeup artist does her makeup, she should be shown that the brushes are clean and free of dirt.

Php 560.00 for a 235 mL bottle

While working on counter as a guest artist, I used the MAC brush cleanser in cleaning the brushes before applying it to a client and also to clean the brushes after the shift. I used it again yesterday and falling in love with it, purchased a bottle the next day when I stopped by the counter to say Hi and to check on any job that I might have left behind.

The cleanser at first, I was skeptical until I tried it. After using a brush on a client, the store had some down time and I did a brisk-brush cleansing on the brushes so that they'll be cleaner and sanitized for the next client.

How it works: For cleaning in-between colors or faces, I place a small amount on a paper towel and rub the bristles back-and-forth until the makeup comes off and reshape and lay flat. The bristles dry up rather quickly. The pink color of the solution and the light scent (that does not irritate the nose) helps too. Oh by the way, the bottle's plastic and it's suitable for Back-2-MAC as well.

I think it's okay. The brushes are in overall good condition. I was very generous in cleaning the brushes since I don't want clients complaining of the brushes being dirty or itchy, but there's still some left on the bottle. Very economical. :) Since the bottle is quite bulky (235 mL), what we could do is transfer the contents in a smaller spray bottle/atomizer.

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