Friday, January 30, 2009

Just In Time for Summer

Look what I saw at the supermarket shelves when I went grocery shopping! With the cold weather drifting away, we know summer is fast approaching now and Sunsilk has released its limited edition Summer Fresh Shampoo, which hits the market when summertime comes. This time,. it's got a new companion... Creme Silk Summer Shine conditioner, so our tresses stay fry-free during the summer heat when we're basking under the sun getting our tans
Okay, so I'm not hitting the beach (yet) but going out with that kind of heat intensity, I could feel my hair strands turning into tempura-like consistency (heeheehee), so the UV protectors they promise could help.
I'm on my second day of trying this so far (my first time to use the conditioner, since it just came out this year). I love the smell, it's very light and sweet and it reminds me of a favorite fragrance I bought off Macy's a few years ago that I really miss. I'm glad that there's no more of that heady and heavy scent in this edition.
So that signals that summer is about to come. Gotta get ready for beach season!


Lootwagon said...

I love that Sunsilk variant because it smells sooo yummy! :)

Bambi said...

I know! and I love the cool feeling too!