Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New Shape-Up Toy

Another toy to my treasure trove of a toy collection!

As I was viewing Dollface Cosmetics' website, I chanced upon a new product, which was the contouring palette and seeing the very affordable price, I texted Pearl and said I'll be ordering one. As you all know, contouring is one of my obsessions in makeup. In fact, when I'm too lazy, I just put foundation, contour, define brows, apply lip balm and curling mascara and I'm done. For contouring, I've been using my Kryolan matte eyeshadows to do contouring (I combine TV Brown with Sudan to shade and use Highlight (that I sometimes mix with Gelb) to, well, highlight.

My package arrived yesterday (Valentine's Day). I wasn't able to use it at my shoot though, but it's here and in superb condition and this came all the way from Cebu. Thanks for bubble-wrapping it to death! It's super intact and I love the new matte packaging. No more fingerprint marks!

Look at that thick layer of bubble wrap.

Dimension-wise, it's slightly smaller than the neutral palette but bigger than the blush palette, meaning it fits inside my little makeup case quite well. Yep, I did save the bubble wrap that they placed inside to prevent further damage. This contouring palette contains 6 colors, each about 3 inches in diameter. The white, flesh, and yellowish ones are to highlight, like the cheekbones, forehead, chin, the area above the brow, etc. The brown is used to shade parts that you want to recede and sometimes, you can mix the brown with the skintone and/or yellow to tone it down.
There are even two pink matte blushers included. Note that pinks/reds are not supposed to be used to contour. For contouring, I use an angle brush or a small blush brush on larger areas since that gives me more control. To contour or highlight browbones, upper lip, and noses, I use a small brush such as Prestige shadow contour brush or my MAC 217 brush.
These colors are in matte finishes, as shimmers defeat the purpose of contouring since these particles reflect light. Shimmers are good to highlight, though and create a youthful glow.
Swatches to come soon, as well as tips and tricks on how to use this palette. By the way, for those interested, this contouring palette is available at Dollface Cosmetics: for Php1,000 (excluding shipping fee, which would depend on your location) .

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