Monday, August 4, 2008

Top 7 Reasons Why I Love the Charm Dual Fibre Brush

(photo from Beauty and Minerals)

1. It's got a pink handle. It looks so bright and kikay amidst the serious black-handled or wood finish brushes I have.

2. It feels so soft on the skin. Unlike other brushes that prick and scratch, this one does not. My models even commented on how soft it feels on the skin as I brushed their foundation, even when there's pressure.

3. It's reminescent of a very popular and best-selling makeup brush yet it costs so much less. However, costing way less does not sacrifice quality. It performs just as good too.

4. It cuts foundation application in half without eating up the product. It's so tipid and economical.

5. It's easy to clean. I use cleansing oil/brush cleaner to remove foundation residue then shampoo and conditioner as usual.

6. It can be used to apply liquid foundation, shimmer cream, bronzer, blush, mineral makeup, and loose powder and the result would be a flawless, almost airbrushed finish.

7. There's minimal shedding, so it lasts long provided you take good care of it.

(The Charm Dual Fibre Brush is available online at

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MUA in Scrubs said...

hi! i got your blog address from sophie. i'm also writing a beauty blog and she mentioned that we have the same niche. nice to get to know people with the same interests. :)

i am also using this pink charm bush during my gigs. i love the kikay pink color. :) it's sturdy too.