Sunday, August 14, 2011


Kriselle was referred to me by my college friend Joanne, who got married two years ago. Kriselle texted me past midnight. She expected me to reply the following morning but super funny I was still awake at that time as I was reading Harry Potter. So the two of us were exchanging SMS messages, wide awake while the rest of our side of the world sleeps.

The shoot day was quite rainy and it was done on two parts. One would be done in Fort, and in the afternoon up to sunset, the team would be moving to Tagaytay. Kriselle had her trial makeup done at my house and I stayed on up until the Fort shoot.

Ian, the photographer was really game with the rainy day and worked with the weather. I guess this is what they mean when they say don't rain on my parade.

This picture was taken with rain drizzling on them. Panic mode for no makeup meltdown for me, but hey, with waterproof airbrush makeup, they stayed put!

My favorite shot of the two had to be this. Kriselle looks like a local celebrity here (guess who!!!!). Pinkish tones suited her minty dress. Her smile's amazing too. It was Kriselle's first time to wear falsies too so I chose natural human hair ones so they're super comfy (Mang Ed, your lashes are brilliant!).

Still rainy outside!

By the time they had to head out for Tagaytay, the rain stopped and the sun started to come up. Yay! So outdoor shoots were now breezy and no need to fear for rain-drenched camera gear. The sudden sunniness reflected in the couple's cheery smiles, yes?

I'll see Kriselle on her wedding day, but I'll be doing makeup for the entourage along with my friend Diana. But thanks Kriselle and Rich, for trusting me to do makeup for your prenup pictures!

Couple: Rich and Kriselle
Photographer: Ian Santillan
Makeup and Hair: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry using airbrush makeup

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