Thursday, February 26, 2009

Orange Lift

When I got a pedicure, I went for a new twist and tried a color I've never tried before: bright , summery, and citrusy orange.
Yes, I've never, ever, ever tried orange on my toes or nails or lips. The biggest leap of orange I'd go for is P&J's moroccan orange or Fantasy Orange (which I own) on my cheeks and lids. However, I never thought I'd go for bright orange until now and I'm glad I did.
Orange colors are one of my phobias before but I kinda am liking it now, especially with the cheery color it has. You know whenever I'm down and then I schlump my head I get a pick-me-upper when I see my orange nails. It's a happy color, really, and saying, "Hello! Be happy! ORANGE!"
And on the day I guested at MAC again, I sported orange lipstick like MAC lipstick in Morange. At first I was kinda hesitant but I got good compliments with it.
I guess the trick really is to experiment. A friend told me that there is no such rule as girls with this skin tone should avoid this color, because there will always be a color for you. I've found what red, pink, and (now) orange looks good on me. Next up is finding the brown for me. :)

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Askmewhats said...

this looks great !:) You're right, there's no rules with colors :)