Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Product Spotlight: Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Those who are eyebrow-obsessed and have problems with eyebrow makeup being wiped off or fading at the end of the day would surely love this one product I purchased a week ago and just got to reviewing today.

It's not a concealer for super-dark skin but an eyebrow corrector/makeup in a cream formulation. When I first heard about it, it felt kind of strange since cream is one thing I avoid for the eyebrows because I thought it would give a waxy and "fake" finish until I tried it for myself and thought, "Why didn't I purchase this earlier!"

This cream formulation can be used to cover an eyebrow tattoo job gone wrong (those that have faded or discolored to a greenish/bluish hue), to fill in empty spaces, or just create that perfect arch to frame the face. Anyway, what differs this from other eyebrow products is that it boasts waterproof ability. YEP! This is a waterproof, sweatproof, and foolproof eyebrow makeup that will not fade when you sweat or get drenched on the rain (or the shower, in the case of shower photoshoots).

This can be purchased as a kit (I forgot the exact price of the kit) which comes with the 5-mL tube of the product and applicators (a small one for finer areas or to use as waterproof eyeliner and an angled one to fill in larger areas) or just the refill (meaning the product). I purchased the refill (Php 1,100) at the Make Up For Ever branch in Serendra since I have brushes.

The best applicator for this is a stiff angled brush. If you buy the kit, the brush is perfect for this but I recommend a stiff-bristled angled brush to apply eyebrow makeup for this such as the MAC 208 brush or as shown here:

The Body Shop Angle brush. Since this has synthetic fibers, it's perfect to use cream products. I only used a little amount here, since we only need a little product. In fact, after I did both brows, I still had a tad bit of product left.

You apply it just like brow powder. I started at my arch and extended up to the ends and blended inwards. This shade is actually Shade 0, which is the lightest shade. I got this because it's the safest shade to use. If I want to go darker, I could top it off with darker brow powder or pencil.

Another reason why I apply a little amount first and build on is that this shade darkens as it sets. Shade 0 is a very light shade but it defined my brows quite nicely. It takes practice though, to use the product, especially if you're not used to cream formulations.

Yes, it is waterproof as shown in this test:

In fact, I tried soaping my skin with Baktolin wash and it would not budge. Cleansing oil got it out of the brush and my hand (hence, the reason of using a brush with synthetic fibers).

This product is available in 3 shades, I chose the lightest one but you can go for the medium one or the darkest, whichever you may prefer.

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