Monday, July 14, 2008

Ready, Get Set Start!

So really to get into makeup, what do we need? Uhm here you go.... a LOT OF MAKEUP! Going into the field of makeup, just like photography requires you to really invest. But since we're all doing something we like, which is makeup, a little shopping trip could be fun, right? Although wallet draining. Some makeup schools offer a starter set of makeup so we know more or less what to buy. However, if you really want to know what to buy here's a list that'll hopefully get you started:

1. BRUSHES - #1 in my list to buy for makeup whether for professional or personal use. Before the train case (I still don't have a train case until now). I'm actually wanting to buy another Suesh brush set for backup (I'm using a mixed blend of brushes right now). I'm actually looking at their site now again.... *drool*. Shame on me. My assistant owns a set and I don't I've tried Suesh during one shoot and aside from the price, I love how soft they feel and how comfy the handles are. Suesh has been used by a lot of makeup artists and they're highly recommended by makeup schools.

2. FOUNDATION - Do not hoard the entire counter for every shade possible. All you have to do is get a light shade, a dark shade, and a medium shade (or two) and just mix. It's safe to get yellow tones or beiges instead of pinks because we Asians are all generally yellow-toned. Beige is in-between and quite safe. I like liquid foundation since it feels light on the face and it's easy to blend. I do have my cream foundations, which also could double as conceaers. Cream concealers are also good for those with extremely dry skin. I have both formulations. I use two-way foundation as powder to set makeup.

3. POWDER - Powder sets makeup. like foundation, it's good to get this in a wide array of shades. Loose powders are good because they adhere better but for touch-ups i like them pressed because they are less messy that way.

4. BLUSH AND CONTOUR - Blush gives that healthy glow on the face. Powders are easy to work with and they're buildable. I like pinks and peaches and apricots although plums are good for certain people. I like blush that will give a healthy glow rather than blush that screams BLUUUSH! For contour, it's safe to get them in a matte finish because getting a shimmmery bronzer to contour will just do the opposite (in a worse manner) of what you may want to achieve.

5. EYESHADOWS - Most of us love shopping for these, and I can't blame with all the colors. I like my eyeshadows pressed since they're less messy and it's good they come in palletes. It's nice to get a big one with all the colors. Neutrals are a must in every makeup artist since it's neutrals that sell but once we get the hang of it, like me... we might need a lot. What kind of eyeshadow do I prefer? Powder (loose or pressed) because it's easy to work with. The cream could crease, I use it as base though to help my powder stick longer. Some matte brown eyeshadows can be used as eyebrow makeup. Oh and get some eyebrow makeup too!

6. LIPSTICKS - I love lipstick I have over 50 lipsticks in rainbows of shades. Lipsticks are great in nude, pink, taupe, brown, or plum. I always carry red with me since I'm such a sucker for red lipsticks. Mattes are always classic and I love matte. MAC has the best range of mattes but for a glossy and pretty finish, makeup artist Rae Venturanza recommends Clinique for glam and beauty photoshoots. And I got a lot of Clinique!

7. PENCILS - lipliners and lip pencils are good for definition. I like them to glide well effortlessly instead of tugging and gashing. My favorite lip pencils are guess what? Ever Bilena! They're cheap and soft enough. For eye pencils, I like Fashion 21 to start off with. My favorite eyebrow pencil is Paul and Joe #4. But if you find that too expensive, I like Nichido light brown (use sparingly) or dark blonde and I just set it with powder.

8. EYELINER - Gel/creme or liquid for extra definition. My hands are quite shaky so I use gel eyeliner. If you're a super expert go for liquid. Fashion 21 is the best liquid liner there and I really love it.

9. MASCARA and EYELASH CURLER - We must not forget our lashes! I have mascaras in black and brown. Both volumizing and lengthening formulations. I have both waterproof and smudge-free varieties. My favorite mascara brands are Face Shop, Fasio, Clinique, Maybelline, and Paul and Joe. For eyelash curler, would you believe I own four! Hahahaha I'm not saying you should own four. One will do. I'm just a packrat and eyelash curler collector. I have to say I love the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and ModelCo Lash wand. If Shu is a bit too expensive just get Fanny Serrano or Revlon, since they're both affordable and deliver excellent service.

10. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Of course here are some stuff and they include: Tissue (LOTS OF IT), skin care items, face wipes, cotton buds, cotton pads, false lashes, wedge sponges, velour puffs, lash glue, and most of all - A SUIT CASE TO CARRY ALL THESE STUFF.

Tip: For gigs, I don't bring all my makeup. I just pack what I need in individual pouches and place them in a suitcase. However, setting up has been a pain with this technique I gotta buy a train case soon. :)

It does not seem much, but I'll review some skin care and makeup I highly recommend.

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MUA in Scrubs said...

i used to bring a train case during gigs. it was easier to find the products that i'll be using but then it's heavy to carry around. so i resorted to packing them in a mini suitcase and wrapped each group- eye products, foundation, blushes, etc. more difficult to locate when you're in a hurry, though. :P