Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brush With Fashion Makes An Edgy Spring from The Body Shop

Spring reminds us of - flowers, pretty things, birds, and butterflies. The Body Shop for this year decided to do one thing... to go the other end of the spectrum and go edgy by unleashing their Brush With Fashion collection for spring. Just this afternoon, they launched the collection to a small group of bloggers at SM Megamall so after my shoot, I immediately got there bags, malette, and all.Prior to this, I already did my homework and visited a store near my place and saw the palettes. It did have a pretty pink color overall and it had the very girly theme, but this isn't girly flowers and pastels but it's got a very edgy, fasyon, and rocker-chic vibe, as you could see with the collection.

The Body Shop collaborated with the London College of Fashion, the most prestigious fashion school in the UK that trained many great designers, like the famous Jimmy Choo. As you could see, the designs on the palettes and cases look like they came out of a fashion magazine or homework of a fashion student.

Now, why is it called Brush With Fashion? All products have built-in brushes incorporated in them - from the all-over face base, tailored cheek tint, lip shine, and palettes. Just great for busy busy girls on the go who have no time to fumble for a separate brush right?

First up, let's look at the brush of the Illuminating Face Base:

It's just like painting class, where we paint an all-over warm glow on the skin. This product evens out skin and gives it a dewy glow before setting it in powder. Personally, when it's spring-summer, I don't like wearing too much makeup but I like a bit of even skin there and there. this would help, yes?

For me, I like to dab this on spot areas before blending it all with the warmth of my fingers. Our tropical humid climate would tell us to set this with loose powder because it would just slide right out if we let it be.

If you're the type who's lazy to find out what blush shade you are, here's a product that could help: the Tailored Cheek Tint.

The difference between the Tailored Cheek Tint from the regular bestseller Lip and Cheek Tint The Body Shop has is that this gel formula goes on clear at first from the tube but once it gets in contact with the skin, it adapts to the body temperature turning into a blush color that's just for you. On some people, it could be a pretty windburnt pink. On some, it could be a flattering coral. It really doesn't matter what shade it turns, but it's sure to be something that's just for you, so no need to shop for blush that you won't use. Since this is gel, remember to put this on before powder so it glows on more naturally instead of 80's streaky.

The Hi-Shine Lip Treatment also has built-in brushes, which are great for personal use. Of course, if you'll be using this professionally, as with all makeups in this line, remember to dab the built-in brush on a clean palette to dispense product and use a clean separate brush to apply to a client to avoid cross-contamination.

It has a very, very slight tint for those lazy to use a separate lipstick while giving chapped lips its much-needed TLC with a yummy fruity passionfruit scent.

There are two eye palettes to choose from, to mix-and-match with very wearable shades that could be worn by women of all ages from 20-60 years old.

Personally, I like the Boho Beauty, with warm brown shades, which are perfect for bridals. I love how pigmented they are and they look great on tanned skin. It goes splendid with brown or nude lip gloss and messy beachy curls.

The next palette, A La Mode is supposedly for fair skinned girls but I think with a little brown thrown in, a morena girl could use this too. The matte flat black is great to set kohls for that intense smoky eye and glittery silvers and pinks could lighten and liven things up.

Aside from the very pigmented colors, the eye palettes have a mini brush to deposit color and also glitter liner to line the eyes, as we could see in the Boho Beauty palette.

Brush With Fashion accessories include a limited edition mini brush set that you could take with you for travels with a cute and chic design instead of the traditional and iconic black packaging we're used to. As with The Body Shop is all about being animal-friendly, the brushes use synthetic bristles instead of animal hair, but work just as well with powder products.

Limited edition gifts with purchase are also available. First up, I'd like to show this cosmetic pouch, which could be helpful for makeup artists. The bag holds brushes and stuff necessary for touch-ups that could be used for photoshoots or weddings. The pouch is available for a minimum purchase of Php3,500, which should include a Brush With Fashion item.

For a minimum purchase of Php2,500 inclusive of a Brush With Fashion palette, the GWP would be an eco-friendly bag which could be used to hold items bought from a bazaar or other small items bought around the store.

Personally speaking, I really like the Boho Beauty palette since it's so classic. I could use it and it would look really great and classic. I could have another client use the color and it would look really clean. The cheek tint I could use on days when I feel like being lazy to whip out my brushes and palettes. Either way, this looks like a cool and exciting collection to check out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Bambi! Can you include the price of each item? =)

billie said...

Hi Bambi! Thanks a lot for the informative post! :)

Here are the prices of each:
Eye Palettes- P2,195
Illuminating Fae Base - P1,195
Tailored Cheek Tint - P1,095
Hi-Shine Lip Treatment - P595

But now there's a promo that you get to save P200 when you buy any of the collection, and when you go to The Body Shop facebook fan page, there's a printable coupon for the Tailored Cheek Tint (40% off!)

Hope this helps. :)

Bambi said...

thanks for the price list billie! visit you soon! and glad there's a promo. The tailored cheek tint is awesome! I love the velvety finish!