Monday, October 24, 2011

Creamy and Sweet Energy in A Bottle With Enercal

So a few weeks ago, I got invited to the launch of Enercal Plus, an adult nutritional supplement that fuels our body with the right stuff. When I asked if this was one of those energy-spiked drinks which turn me to sluggish then to hyper in a millisecond then crashes my system, I was told it was like those health milk drinks we drink.

Actually, when I got to the event, I felt like the event kind

a called to me. First of all, we were asked to answer a quiz form in an iPad, which asks us our current lifestyle - how much we exercise, how we usually feel, how much sleep we get, and so on. I was enthusiastic to answer it anyway, since as you all know, I exercise a lot and I have a relatively healthy diet. I did, however cringe on the junk food intake and how much meals I eat. Why? Because junk food is my comfort food and I eat 5 meals a day. Not five tiny meals, five big meals fit for truckers. Yes, that's me. I guess part of the reason why I get to eat junk food some time is probably I'm so much exposed to it, living in a fast-paced environment. Sometimes, I come home really tired from a shoot and instead of cooking a healthy meal, I tend to call a food delivery hotline. It's unavoidable too, to get stressed for one reason or another be it traffic, heavy workload, or stuff like that. Sleeping late is also one of my sins, having being guilty of sleeping late actually the night before. Not that I party a lot (in fact, I don't and I prefer spending my Friday nights watching Spongebob or Fairly Oddparents than staying up late in a club).

As soon as we were served our lunch, the program started, and who better to host the event by another sports and fitness enthusiast than Boom Gonzales.

Boom introduced too, three plus achievers. If supermen and superwomen did exist, it would be in the form of these three celebrities who have ever so busy schedules but manage to pull everything off

Paolo Bediones, Angel Aquino, and Jett Pangan are no strangers to everyone in the audience. Paolo is a reality TV host/broadcast journalist/businessman who performs in a band and supervises his soccer team. Angel Aquino is a top model/tv host/actress/mom. Jett Pangan is a singer/rock icon who now dabbles his acting chops in musical theater (and he rocks at it too) and hosts MYX Live. These three celebrities are what I call "slashers" - meaning their occupations have slashes - they do not just have one role. Yet despite their very busy schedules, they manage to stay on top and look their best (Avy and I kept wow-ing on Angel's makeup).

After the celebrities shared their experiences and how they cope and compensate with their lifestyles, Dr. Oyie Balburias, Medical Director of Medical City explains the mechanism of the body when it's on stress, its side effects, and how it will take a toll in the body in the long run. He also showed results from the survey taken that

same afternoon, as well as proper lifestyle aspects. I did find out that day that:

  • 8-10 hours of sleep has a reason. The body needs to rest and regenerate. At a certain time in that period, the organs also do its own repair (looks at my strained wrist: I better zonk out!)
  • Water is important! I think this is self-explanatory and I think being confined once for dehydration already should teach me a lesson
  • Protein first before carbs in the food pyramid.
  • Never miss meals, and have regular meal times


With everything "instant" being unavoidable, though, we need an extra help for filling in the nutrients lacking that we get from food nowadays. Enercal made it easy since it's a complete source of essential nutrients that we need. Enercal Plus is a powdered drink that can be taken in the morning to give our body an extra boost. I usually use a 4 scoop : 200 mL of warm water during the morning, since my body takes in dairy better in the morning, for some reason. It's pretty yummy too. The creamy vanilla taste reminds me of White Rabbit candy (the white one with the edible clear wrapper).

Another thing I did too with my Enercal Plus was that I used it with my cereal since I didn't have milk. Well, whaddya know, it worked! :)

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