Friday, July 20, 2012

One-Stop Glow With Benefit Pocket Pal Plus Tutorial

I've heard great reviews with Benefit's Benetint from a lot of blogs or just conversing with friends, how it provides a natural flush on the skin and a slight tint on the lips instead of looking clownish and funny. It was quite intriguing that when Benefit cosmetics wasn't here yet, it was a pasalubong list of many girls from relatives going abroad. So I decided to try it out for myself last Tuesday, to see what the fuss was about.

When I got in the Benefit Cosmetics branch in Greenbelt, I was intent on purchasing the full-size bottle. But before my purchase, I wanted to ask for a sampler first. Thinking that I would be given the full-size bottle, I was surprised that I was handed a double-ended wand, with one end containing clear gloss and one end containing the Benetint liquid. The girl instructed me on how to put it on, like dab a little first on the apples of the cheeks and blend quickly. For the lips, I had to dab some of the stain on the lips and top with the clear gloss. Although the full-size bottle was available, I thought I'd purchase this one first. For one thing, it's cheaper (PHP 1,100 as opposed to the full-size bottle which was Php 1,800) and also, I was still trying it out. Makeup usually lasts quite a long time and it pains me to see makeup dried up in the closet. Maybe if I ended up liking it, I'd purchase another one, yes? By the way, if the pink isn't your thing, there's also a Chacha Tint version of the pocketpal, for a peach glow.

The pocket pal looks like this:

It's as big as a regular lip gloss and it could fit into any a teensy bag. Anyway, the darker end, like I said earlier contains the lip and cheek tint while the clear one contains the gloss.

Just be very careful in opening the container. When using the tint, remember to open the container gloss side up to prevent spilling of product or else you will cry. Why? Because your beloved tint will fall on your dress or the ground and since it's a stain, it would be hard to remove.

When I tried it on counter, despite the deep red shade the tint had, it came out fairly natural on my skin, like I just ran a few rounds or did a few inverts. I like natural flushes though, and since I was pole-ling that night, it was perfect. The gloss also wasn't too sticky. You know I don't like sticky glosses.

Just some key points, since this is liquid, apply this under powder so the glow is more natural. Since stains can be quite drying, prep up lips with lip balm before applying the stain.

On my skin, I tell you, it looks very natural.

I especially like the lip color has got that just-eaten-a-strawberry-popsicle look, minus the red teeth and tongue stains.  can take this with me anywhere if I want to look alive, like during travel after a loooong plane or road trip.

Anyway, since I was feeling ill today, I wanted to share a tutorial for, well, you got it, people who are feeling ill but still want to look human. We all are guilty of still leaving the home even when nursing a fever, cough, or cold. We all need to work, and it's hard to be absent. I myself am guilty of going to school despite a 40-degree fever and taking an exam. But of course, I looked horrific then, you'd think I was struck with the Ebola virus miles away. Looking back, there is a way to fake the health, until we get better. We may go out looking ill, but it doesn't mean our looks have to announce it right?

The look is quick and easy and I'll describe it as quickly as possible. It's an effortless no-makeup look that will make you look alive. In my own technique, I didn't use brushes at all, and you'll see why. Maybe in yours, a brush or two may be used, depending on the products and personal preference.

What you'll need:

  • Concealer to hide your eyebags and redness
  • Tinted moisturizer (you may use your favorite BB cream or go DIY by mixing a droplet of your favorite foundation with your moisturizer)
  • Eyeliner - black or brown
  • Face Powder
  • Eyebrow pencil or your favorite eyebrow makeup
  • Benefit Benetint, because this is the product I'm featuring, in my case, the Benetint Pocket Pal
  • Eyelash curler and mascara (try Benefit's They're Real!) 

  1. First of all, wash your face well and pat dry. Get your tinted moisturizer and massage it on the face and neck. Don't just apply and spread. Massage it. Why did I emphasize on massaging it? It will give the face a lifted look and boost circulation. Take as much time as you need here. 
  2. Conceal your panda eyes or redness around the sniffly nose with concealer. Blend well to create the illusion of even skin tone.
  3. Before setting the makeup, apply Benefit Benetint on the apples of the cheeks and blend in. This will create the rosy and healthy glow. Make sure to blend very well. Dab some on the lips and blend outward for that just-bitten look.
  4. With the complexion looking rosy and even, set makeup with powder to prevent sliding. I prefer using pressed powder in here, because loose might exacerbate your snifflies.
  5. Eyebrows need to be defined, so go ahead and frame your face by defining brows with eyebrow makeup. A groomed brow instantly gives the look impact.
  6. Tightline the eyes with eyeliner to accentuate them. When I say tightline, just wiggle the pencil on the roots of the lashes to make them look fuller. use a trusty and smudge-proof liner here. I lined just my top lashes, but depending on your preference, you can go and line the bottom lashes. Just use brown for a more natural look.
  7. Curl lashes and apply mascara.
  8. Finish off with the clear gloss that comes with Pocket Pal or your favorite lipgloss. 

I decided to skip the use of eyeshadow and go with the essentials in looking healthier, focusing on evening out and brightening the complexion. For those who still want to use eyeshadow, just apply a matte skintone eyeshadow to brighten the eyes from lashline to browbone to open things and reapply top liner. Again, I used little brushes here because I want it quick and simple and making use of things that are easy to tote in a purse or tiny makeup kit.

While in the process of getting better, remember to drink lots of fluids and get some rest when you have the time. I'm doing that now because I want to get better. Hope you like this quick and easy tutorial!

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