Monday, July 25, 2011

Spikes, Bodysuits, Bling, and Bang!

I was watching Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 when my phone rang in the middle of a very intense scene (I'm sorry guys! I really forget to put my phone on silent!) After putting my phone in silent then texting that I'll be on conversation after the movie, it was my awesomest Dennis asking me if I would like to do a shoot with him with Christine as a photographer. I love Dennis a lot and I know I'm in for a really fabulous shoot so I said yes.

The day of the shoot, I met up with Christine first and we went to the venue after my Wendy's to go. Our model for the day is Fatima, one of Dennis's close friends and actually, I did her makeup 3 years ago. She looks really great now, very happy, content, and confident. It was very easy to transform her into the ravishing beauty Dennis wanted.

Dennis's accessories are beyond my wildest imagination, like this skull ring with a spike on top. If it were an engagement ring, it would perfectly say "Till death do us part"

Dazzling bodysuit with jewels and baubles.

Fatima's gotten really good with posing. Her lines are amazing, it's really cool because in my first ever shoot with her, she was very shy and timid. She knows now her angles and what works for her. She's also super prepared. When I left the house, I forgot my dramatic falsies for the smoky eyes for her, and brought my wispy bridal falsies instead. Good thing she has a stock too at home, cut to her eye shape.

Preserving the color in this photo, here's how my makeup looked on her. She bears resemblance to two very famous beauty queens, and you could guess who.

Dennis is a bundle of energy on his own, and he does kid around in shoots, making me giggle every so often but when it's time to work, he's very serious, passionate, and hands-on, making sure that everything is not just alright, but perfect.

The shoot ended when the sun decided to dip down the horizon. After packing up, it was a lot of more catching up with everyone without me hurling into laughter every so often. I really love working with fabulous and talented people. They give me such positive energy, especially needed for me to be inspired.

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