Monday, July 25, 2011

Bridal Work: Kae

Kae is one of my work friends and the sweetest girls I know. She's one of Yeoh's closest model friends that has been strutting catwalk after catwalk and gracing magazine and broadsheet editorials. I met her at a photoshoot and it was great that through Facebook, our precious memories are preserved.

One time, while at dinner, Yeoh told me that Kae was getting married and he asked me if I would be her makeup artist. I was really happy because Kae's really, really pretty and it's flattering to do a friend's makeup. In fact, I'm the type of girl that if given the choice, I'd rather be the wedding makeup artist than the abay and wouldn't mind if I played both parts. Why? Because I feel that I'm really part of it, it's like really an immersion.

Her wedding was really a romantic getaway. We were whisked off from hot and humid Metro Manila (her wedding was right after Holy Week, the summeriest of all summers) to cool and breezy Tagaytay. Going to Tagaytay, we all met up Christine at Sucat. Kae also got Christine to be her wedding photographer, and Christine's got two of our friends, Ryan and George to help her up with shooting the event.

I haven't seen Kae since the R2R fashion show since it was a busy busy time with Christmas looming through and all. So when we saw her, it was big hugs and kisses. It wasn't just Yeoh, Christine, and Ryan who were there. Kae got two of her close model friends as part of her entourage.

Doing makeup for Kae was a breeze. Yeoh also helped me to do her hair. It was a breezy half-up, half-down look with loose curls, since it's going to be a garden wedding. For her makeup, I inspired myself with the gunmetal gray and old rose motif, with a silvery subtle smoky eye and a neutral pink lip (my choice for her was MAC Viva Glam V, one of my favorite bridal lippies).

This is why I love Christine. Her wedding photos tell a story. She goes beyond stiff angles and templates.

The weather also cooperated that day. Knowing our country to have weather with bipolar disorder and this would be an outdoor wedding - wishes, prayers, and enchantments, if possible were called out for a beautiful clear sky.

The ceremony was overlooking Taal Lake. By the time nightfall came, the temperature dropped so the weather was super cold I had to use the upper chiffon later of my dress as a shawl. On the other hand, I'm glad everything went well and Kae became as radiant as ever.

The best part was when Kae texted me the following day thanking me for being part of her wedding. It was my pleasure, and she was definitely awesome!

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