Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beautiful Makeup Wherever, Whenever with Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

My Charm brush sets never fail to make a statement in my gigs. It must be their candy pink handles or their performance and quality that's at par with luxury makeup brands. Nevertheless, Charm brushes are staples in my matching pink toolbelt, thanks to beauty blogger/beauty entrepreneur/makeup artist friend Sophie who introduced them to me ever since, well, practically when we got to know each other. Her products reflect the love she has for her work. Her new product, awakens each and everyone of us to get dolled up no matter where we are in whatever part of the country, or globe.

I never seem to wear makeup whenever I travel, resulting to me masking my un-defined brows under a pair of big shades in my pictures. For me, I'm scared to bring my brushes since packing them can get bulky, and to do a full-production makeup, five brushes aren't enough for me. But not with Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush set, which houses 14 professional-grade brushes made from high-quality natural and synthetic hairs safely tucked in a pretty black and pink pouch so I can bring on the smoky eyes and loud lips wherever I may go. So say hi to defined brows, cat eye liner, a crease, and contoured cheekbones!

This faux croc pouch really looks so pretty, the bright pink and black contrast, it's a statement on its own. Who would have thought that the tiny patent black pouch houses 14 makeup brushes?

That tiny kit can fit in a traincase, makeup case, a decent-size shoulder bag, and that compartment in your suitcase that stores accessories and toiletries. I was able to try this out first when I did Martha's Drew Barrymore look and it really worked well for me.

I'll let you in with the brushes and their uses, should you guys get overwhelmed and confused with the brushes, starting with the eye brushes (and the lip brush too!). Eye makeup is usually the concern of a lot of girls, and for eye makeup, I don't settle for just any brush. To execute really good makeup means I should use really good tools.

A. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush - The flat paddle head can be used to apply cream/powder eyeshadow or if you're still with the wet eyeshadow technique, you can use this since it grabs pigment quite nicely than fluffy brushes and the shape can be used to deposit pigment on the eye area. You can also use this to spread eyeshadow primers or paint pots.
B. Angled Eyeshadow Brush - To blend eyeshadow to avoid harsh demarcation lines. The angle is great to get the contours. And speaking of contours, you can use this too for nose contour.
C. Pencil Point Brush- This is like MAC 219 brush, which I like using to deposit darker pigment on the crease or for smudging in kohl liner or setting smoky kohl liner with powder so it doesn't run.
D. Blending Brush - As its name suggests, it blends all deposited colors seamlessly so there's a smooth transition of colors. You can use this to put loose powder on the undereye area to catch eyeshadow fallout and then sweeping it out.
E. Flat Liner Brush - I use this to line the bottom lashline with powder or gel liner tightlining. Some like using this to apply gel eyeliner on the top lashline or to define brows. It's up to you.
F. Bent Eyeliner Brush - The bent angle gives it more co
ntrol. This can be used to apply gel or liquid liner for easy cat eye effect.
G. Eyebrow Shading Brush - This tiny angled brush can be used to apply brow powder on the brows for a natural look.
H. Brow Spoolie - It can be used to tame brow hairs, brush off excess brow gel/mascara clumps.
I. Lip Brush - Precision application for the lips. When you store them, be sure to not forget to put the pink cap back on, as this helps keep the insides of the brush pouch clean and free of lipstick smudgies, especially if you like using pigmented lipsticks.

Now it's time for the bigger brushes, the face brushes.

J. Stippling Brush - Stippling brushes are soft, cushy, and pretty. They're great for a nice dusting of glitter, mineral highlight, mineral blush, or setting powder. This could also be used to apply a light airy coat of liquid foundation for even coverage.
K. Powder Brush - This can be used to apply loose/setting powder, pressed powder, powder foundation, or blush. I like that this one is small enough to get in those hard-to-reach areas so everything is all set. This can be used as well to apply powder blush for a nice flush of color
L. Angled Blush Brush - For contouring cheeks for that supermodel shape or applying blush.
M. Foundation Brush- This is made of synthetic hair because it applies liquid or cream foundation to the face. The dome shape makes it easy to get foundation around the eyes and the nose and sides of the mouth
N. Concealer Brush - Can be used to spot-apply concealer or cream eyeshadow.

Aside from being able to apply a face full of makeup without sacrificing baggage space, this can be brought by a pro makeup artist come touch-up time say for a wedding gig or photoshoot since it doesn't occupy that much space in the touch-up kit instead of lugging an entire roll or belt of big brushes, so no more embarassing "lugging-your-entire-house-look" during gigs.

The Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush set costs only Php 2,200 with free shipping nationwide. You can order this online at the Beauty and Minerals (fill in their order form here) Or you can purchase them yourself at the following stores:

Crossings Shangri-la
PurBeauty, Serendra
Beauty & The Geeks stall, Robinsons Cyberpod Eton 1

Pretty soon, you'll be seeing a less colorless me in my travel shots. :) Well, I just booked my next travel destination!!! I'm glad there are girls who tell us to look pretty wherever we are and make it oh-so-convenient too!


Kumiko Mae said...

wow i love how you broke down the brushes to its uses :D I also love this set. i revvd it in comparison naman to v2

Bambi said...

hi girl! thanks! although i know some girls out there use these brushes differently, these are suggested uses of brushes. i'm pretty sure as i get acquainted with them more, i would be able to find uses. isn't the set just pretty? :) it makes makeup such a joy to do!