Friday, July 1, 2011

Organic Goodies from Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas is a beautiful and breathtaking resort by the famous Taal Lake that's a famous destination for a relaxing holiday only 2 hours away from Metro Manila or for destination weddings. Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto's wedding was held here and imagine the very kilig moment of saying "I do" by the shores of Taal Lake in full view of Taal volcano. Just check out the breathtaking pictures I captured, and I'm not a real photographer like my companions are. I'm just armed with a good view, nature itself, and the auto setting of my camera.

Sunset pictures

This little kitty likes it here too!

I was in Club Balai Isabel last Tuesday with the iSnap Creatives team for a super cute prenup photoshoot. During our lunch break (held when the sun's too hot and scorching), I noticed the gift shop selling little bottles and pots of balms. My kikay side sensing "organic goodies" made me waltz my way there. Imagine how my eyes just popped at that entire wall of bath and body stuff in scents like ginger, lavander, lemongrass, and olive. I didn't have my wallet at that time as I had my retouch bag with me. When I got back to the gift shop, I hoarded a few items that got my fancy.

Organic soaps that I could still use for pole class because I don't end up super slippery. I love lemongrass too. I think it's an interesting scent so I got the lemongrass soap in a teensy little size. But knowing organic soaps being really solid and pure, that ought to last me longer than a week. Pairing up with my lemongrass soap is lemongrass shampoo, which surprisingly didn't leave my hair sticky or weigh my hair down. My hair behaves quite nicely and looks really pretty during hairflips. It is however, kinda dry, from the nature of organic shampoos, which could be fixed by a good leave-on conditioner that doesn't weigh the hair down (because weighing the hair down would defeat the be-all end-all purpose of why I love this lemongrass shampoo). Hmmm... now lemme have lemongrass tea.

For me, whenever I get massages, I prefer dry massages if I'm on-the-go. If I'm just at home, I prefer using my own oils, depending on the scent and how it feels on the skin. I saw the massage body butter and I was drawn to it because with my experience on body butter, I think this is better than oil because my skin's less slick and slippery but it's got the same deep-moisture effect.
This body butter is sort of like a balm but less greasy. You grab a bit with your fingers and warm them by rubbing your palms together. It feels really nice on the skin. When the butter's all nice and warmed up, you smell the relaxing lavander scent.

And speaking of balms, the teensy pot of healing balm, I have to warn isn't a lip balm but it's like Salonpas/Tigerbalm/Vicks but better. Rub it on the temples to ease migraines, sniff it to aleviate dizzy spells or the like, or rub on muscle pains after a workout if you're going somewhere and got an ouchie but don't want to smell like a lola. And it's so tiny, my complaint is that it can get lost in my endless abyss of a bag but it's teensy enough to slide in a teensy weensy purse for nights out or if you don't want to carry a big bag.

Aside from my own personal hoards, there are a few other things I'd love to bring along. I'm curious though that they were selling real gugo bark there. They say it's good for the hair, but the love-for-convenience in me would really just rely on shampoo in a bottle or bar than a tree bark. The prices too are quite affordable, my hoards plus two full-size lemongrass soaps that I purchased as pasalubong for Danah and Stacy didnt cost me an arm and a leg altogether. Hopefully, I'll be having more destination gigs at Balai Isabel, and when I'm there you know where I'd stop by before heading back to the Metro.

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