Saturday, July 23, 2011

TBS Got Bronzey with Honey Bronze And Cruising the Sale Rack

Here's a look at what The Body Shop has to offer. Last season was fresh, springy, but edgy. This season... warm and luxuriously rich and luminous skin that's so bronzey and sparkly. I present, Honey Bronze!

Preserving our beach tans still, are products that enhance this color, or since we're naturally tan anyway, enhance our pretty golden colors! For an all-over glow, I think the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil would do the trick. It's got shimmer particles that reflect and play with light for luminous skin during that night out. Just when the word "oil" gives slick and greasy-grimy feelings by just the sound of it, this one has a dry finish. I did a patch test on a small area of my skin, walked around the mall, and discovered that it's quickly absorbed by the skin. It's got a faint fragrance too that smells just like my honey-inspired makeup remover. Turns out it's got honey in it, having Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia.

To top this off, I tried and dusted some Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder. To avoid being sparkly and shiny that you seem to be a gold reflector, what I think is best is to dab this on parts where the light hits you first like collarbones, shoulders, or the shins. Just don't use this to contour, because the shimmer particles will just do the opposite.
Bronzers are matte, and depending on what shade you are (there are 3 colors to choose from), you could use this to contour subtly to give face definition.

The honeycomb pattern is too cute as well, goes well with the collection theme. Aside from contouring, they give the face warmth or could be used with your favorite face powder should your complexion have gotten dark from your recent beach trip.

If you notice, the collection is more focusing on skin, so palettes and colors are skipped. For the face, there's also a bronzing gel and lip nectar, so basically since the focus is on skin, makeup can be kept simple. Gloss, defined brows, and lots of mascara will do the trick. After all, with skin like that, it's best showed off.

Once I get to know the products more, I'll do more tutorials on how to get pretty bronzey looks that's easy and foolproof. I'll look for ways on how to maximize the products once I get to know them. For beginners, the powder bronzers and lip nectars could be your best bets. Girls who would like to show off a new figure could use the non-streaky dry oil (just take extra care, especially if you're wearing anything white or light-colored).

After taking shots of the new products, I went over the sale section since The Body Shop always has its midyear sale where they drop prices of some of the products.

Bath sets below 500 in every flavor/scent you want (eyeing on moringa, grapefruit, and strawberry).

Sale means sale here, 50, 60, or 70% and if you're a Love Your Body member, they slash off an additional 10% on your net purchase when you show your card when its time to pay on the counter. There are also goodies less than 200 pesos, which are great for giveaways if you're doing early Christmas shopping.

The sale has been going for quite some time. When I asked when it would end, the girls told me the last day would be on July 28, so I think it's time to go and rush if you want to take advantage of the sale. I bought a huge tub of Pink Grapefruit Body Butter and it cost me only Php250.00, which is really a huge fraction of what it would normally cost. Also, if there's a favorite LE product you want to stock, then it's now time to.

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