Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Conceal+Heal = Excellent!

I get spots too, I kid you not. I don't know when or why they occur but sometimes, a few nasty red swollen spots get lost on spots on my face that just ruin it. Concealer would be the first thing I'd reach out for, but since makeup can clog the pores (it is, after all, still a foreign body), this still needs to be off me the moment I step inside the house, where that's the only place I allow myself to be seen with the spots as they are. When I get home or sleep, I try to speed up my pimple-begone process by putting drying lotion.

Now only if there could be a magic potion that would conceal and heal in one? That's where The Body Shop's tea tree oil concealer comes in. The one on the picture is the second one I have as I've lost the first one from an unfortunate incident that I'd rather not live again.

Since it's got tea tree oil incorporated into it (the faint tea tree oil smell is a giveaway), that's the part where it sorta heals the skin. Tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties as it is used on insect bites, minor wound, and even zits without the pain or stinging or burning sensation as conventional anti-acne medications do

I chose shade #2 because it's yellow-toned (it kinda helps nix out the redness and all). The other shade I find too beige and pale for me, it rather highlights the blemish than conceals it, so I choose something that blends more with my skin. It's effective and creamy enough to cover my blemish without cracking like a mask, so save for the bump, I look a tad more flawless. It works better for me if I rub some on my ring finger (the rubbing and the warmth of my own fingers gets the product to be easier to work with. I like using this on redness, occasional zits, and sometimes on undereyes, since yellow-toned concealers work better for me.

The packaging is also very convenient since it's almost like a lipstick, so it's a-okay for travels too. Just don't confuse it with your lipstick, if your lippie though. Besides, the super-friendly price (a bit less than Php500) makes it a really nice buy for me.

If it contributes a lot with my healing process, I think I'd be happy. But I'm glad to report that this one doesn't sting my skin or irritates it. As with true blue skincare routines, we should remember to still follow them to the letter (removing makeup before going to bed, keeping hydrated, stuff like that) and do patch tests first to see if a product is safe to use for your own body chemistry.

Is this something I'd buy again? Yes definitely! I have a zit-safe concealer that's totally awesome that makes me flawless until I take the makeup off or until its healing properties get the zit to say bye-bye on its own.

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