Monday, July 11, 2011

One Shampoo For Him, One Shampoo For Her

Last Wednesday, I found out that even in the hair department the rule of “Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus still apply.” Not that it’s a sexist thing or anything, it just simply means that although both men and women still experience similar hair problems (i.e. hairfall, breakage, dandruff), they need special formulations in their shampoo. Head and Shoulders, a household name I have known since I was a kid tells us that.

I arrived at Mandarin Hotel for a scrumptious lunch before the event started. When I got there, a little game was in store for us. We had to answer the question, How do you know when you have found the one? My answer was simple, “You’ll just know!” Oh, part of the activity was to pose beside dioramas of either H&S endorsers, Angel Locsin or John Lloyd Cruz:

I chose Angel because she’s a polekitten too like me! Just a trivia, Angel took a 3-month pole dancing bootcamp with the Polecats for her movie where she had to do a pole number. So yay!


  • Dress: Pia Gladys Perey
  • Bag: Aldo
  • Shoes: SM

She finished her movie where she had to undergo a 3-month pole dance bootcamp with Polecats since she had a pole number there. And lookie! I’m wearing the same shoes as her cardboard version.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo bottles for him and for her. The guys get the black while the ladies get orange. I took a whiff of the shampoo scents and found the guy version has a stronger scent than the ladies. General guy preference perhaps? The event showed though that there’s a whole lot more difference than just scent or color-coded bottles.

Sam YG hosted the event, which of course featured Head and Shoulders endorsers Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. Raise your hand if you’ve seen their Romeo-and-Juliet-like tandem in Imortal. They make a great team too as endorsers, minus the fangs, prosthetics, and red contact lenses.

Anyway, going back to the products. For guys, since they tend to wear their hair short, there’s a higher chance of it getting oily and later on limp since sebum reaches hair tips faster. So the result? Hair that’s limp, oily, greasy, and yucky coupled with itchy and flaky scalp. Head and Shoulders for him cuts out the grease as it targets dandruff so guys have cleaner hair sans the limp noodle effect. I remember making the mistake of using shampoo for men, thinking shampoo is shampoo. Not that my hair fell off in clumps (thank God that didn't happen) but I felt that it was drier than usual. It's not that the shampoo was no good. It just wasn't for me.

The case for girls and our tendency to wear our hair long (like I do!) calls for extra effort with styling. We have our guns, i.e. our styling tools, blow dryer, brushes, name it. Let’s admit it, bob cut or waist-length, we have high-maintenance hair that’s dependent on at least a comb and clip. Aside from the dandruff-zapping ingredients H&S has, we have extra-conditioning bonus points so we don’t get any much breakage from weak, overprocessed hair. Result? Pretty, healthy, dandruff-free hair and the confidence to go ahead and wear that black dress without the fear of having any chismis flakes.

As I had a picture taken of me with the cardboard Angel Locsin, I was thrilled that I had a picture taken with the real Angel Locsin too. Yay! Me and a celebrity Polekitten!

And a photo-op with Sam YG before I kicked off my heels to wear flats as by this time my feet were killing me like crazy.

So what I learned? The next time I grab my bottle of shampoo in my next grocery trip, I go for the one that's for girls, after all, I need shampoo made just for me. Hopefully, this won't make my hair hay-like since I'll definitely choose shampoo that's got those conditioning products for my overprocessed hair's TLC. Oh, and I'll remember to rinse really really well too.

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