Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boys, This Is For You

Guess what boys, you can pole too!

Before I get protests from you alpha-males out there, rest assured that the men's pole workshop has nada hairflips, kembot, or gyration that will make you cringe. Men's pole is very different from what we girls do. Actually, this isn't the first men's pole workshop that was conducted by the awesomest Polecats. They had one this month and it was a success. You could read the testimony of one of the participants here to let you know what to expect. It's a bit hard, but from the looks of it, the guys sure had fun.

For inspiration, here's a video showing AJ Bautista's winning number at the recent SG Pole Challenge.

Anyone interested? Then just like the one-hand plank or cross ankle, sign up. You just gotta do it. :)

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