Saturday, July 2, 2011

Britney Turns My World Around

I'm so glad that I could pole on Saturday now, with open level class where I get to learn more tricks. One of my goal tricks that I want to learn is the Gemini, since of course it's the name of my star sign and it looks so pretty. I've watched youtube tutorials on how it's done and it looks so easy. However, it does take a lot of 1) core strength 2) preparation and 3) arm strength to get there. For inspiration, here's how a real Gemini pose is supposed to look like, so I borrowed one photo of Donna demonstrating it. This was from my very first photoshoot with them.

Photo by James Oliver
Light Graffiti by Christina Dy & Kayleen Ortiz

To get the feel first of going upside down, we had to do this preparation exercises where we kick up so our feet touch the pole.This requires a bit of lifting, control, and using your core strength. So it's an all-over body workout. Of course, for safety, Kayleen tells us not to jump because that could cause us to injure ourselves. Since I have a bad back, I really shouldn't jump or make buwelo or even attempt to and do it with no cheats to touch the pole with my foot. So, I rely on my core and try developing my arm strength by working out with a figure-8 band at home and before pole class.

Now the challenge after hooking the foot is to hook with the back of the knee to get into Gemini position.

So far, I was able to meet halfway, to get my shins to touch the pole. After that comes my question, how do I get from this hooking position to the very graceful Gemini I see on YouTube. Kayleen comes to the rescue.

While we were starting with our Gemini, Kayleen's trick is that it's better if you have a bit of skin, since the skin on the sides of the tummy could help grip the pole. Hence midriffs are the way to go. Some of the girls roll their shirts up too. Anyway, Kayleen spots and gets my back-of-knee in position and make sure that I get all points of contact right, like grip the pole with my underarm, arch back, and not fear to let go.

Again, I tell myself, grip with underarm and let go. Getting to position for the first time is a lot of pain, but just like my first climb and first skater, I know it would get better.

Here's me trying to hold the Gemini position before I descend. Another safety feature before descending is to tuck the head and control while going down. Tuck the head, protect the head. So far, I'm getting the position right, getting there yay! We ended the session by doing freestyle to Britney's song, Womanizer.

After pole mix, I attended Donna's striptease class. She told us before the class that she'll be using the music mix S&M (Rhianna and Britney). She had me at Britney and I was there in class. Thanks CD for taking photos!

Doing one-on-one with Donna. Which one is Britney and which one is Rhianna? :P

Donna patiently breaks down the moves to me and shows me how to work it (I was the only girl in class that day!) . Striptease classes are no joke. You need to learn how to get the steps quick, look graceful doing them, and the most challenging task of all...

Is to do all those steps in four-inch high heels.

Dancing in high heels in an upbeat music isn't easy since there's balancing factor involved. But it sure is fun, and the walks are much much fiercer. Donna encourages creativity and fierceness by encouraging pretty costumes, makeup (lashes+lips), and if there's a static movement, feel free to remove your scarf, belt, coat, or hat.

Kayleen joins in the fun. I love this part since we're like tigers ready to pounce. I'll upload the video soon!

My outfit/costume that day:
Top: Forever 21
Scarf: SM
Shorts: Landmark
Heels: People R People

Donna as fierce as ever and me after class. It surely is a lot lot lot of fun. :) Full gemini and transition to scorpio soon to come! Giling and hairflips in future freestyle dances. I really can't wait to get my own x-pole. In fact, I've got my pole playlist already.

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